Daily Inspirations no. 26

What is the inspiration – a talent, given only to “chosen” ones by God, or skills, gained and polished throughout the process of living and creating art works? Whatever answer you vote for, inspiration is the “food” for imagination; it is that very first sparkle, which starts the fire in the souls of creative persons and motivates them to create something new and attractive. We, at Cruzine, believe that sources of inspiration can be found everywhere – you just need to open up your eyes and mind to be able to perceive the inspirational information, hidden here and there. Have a look at the selection of today’s pictures – these are “ready-to-go meals” to nourish your inspiration, stimulate your imagination, and bring you to the state of aesthetic nirvana.


Lady in red by Alexi Lubomirski

Photo by Maurizio Fantini

Photo by Randall Slavin

Photo by Cornel Pufan

Photo by Tasya van Ree

Naples by Kevin Pineda

Portraits by Kevin Pineda

TROUBLE IN PARADISE vol.1 Day by Christoph Martin Schmid


Picture by Valeria Docampo

Picture by Steven Stahlberg

Half Minute Horrors by Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera

Swarm by Bao Pham

The Sculptor by Simon Dominic

3d Arts

Ms pac-man by Jonathan Ball

Hoaw-Kin the hyperactive alien by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Titatintero´s Jeremias by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Art and Digital Art

The Paper Pack by Luis Renato Kriegel

Shangri Tunkashi-La by Etienne Chaize

Contrasts – A solo art exhibition by Astro by Astro One


Braided Typography by Teagan White

ROKE1984 – free font by Joan Ramon Pastor (Wete)

Dream Shepherds by Ania Szerszen


Energia School: Solid Foundation, E=mc2 by OneWg

Wrangler: Man’s solution for dog food by La Comunidad

Kia: Service by Art Grup


Five Franklin Place by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio

Sacré bleu! Eiffel Tower to get a make-over! by Serero


Digital Camera by Xi Zhu

eVouse by Marcial Ahsayane




Package – Ink – 1 by 9ualia

Download Stock Images

Elysium Texture Pack by Michelle Bretland

Download Texture Pack


BBC Knowledge – Honk If You’re Human by Three Drunk Monkeys


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