Leaf Logo Designs – Incorporating Natural Beauty into Corporate Style

There are many reasons to use leaf image as part of corporate logo designs. Leaves can symbolize the natural cycle of life and death, expressing the idea that spring will always come after winter, bringing new sprouts of life purity, freshness, and beauty. After all, playing on the leaf theme in your logo design projects is worthy to consider just because leaves are always beautiful, no matter whether these are the young spring leaves or falling autumn leaves, colored in all the possible colors and shades. Finally, it is worthy to mention that leaf image is a symbol, commonly used in heraldry and flag design; the official flag of Canada or the Maple Leaf is, perhaps, the most prominent example of such application.

Hydeout Merch by Dan Cormier

Resonance by hshujau

Artisan Organics by Studio7designs

Ecoammo by gypseemoth

Intervegan by Bojan Stefanovic

Fresh leaf by Lugosi

Horkans Lifestyle Centre by Sean O’Grady

LifeSpark by Honest Bros

Canadian Down & Feather by Jun Woo

Aghire by Alexander Lloyd

Counter Intelligence by OcularInk

Life Church by Benjamin Manley

Greenescape by OcularInk

Lakemount Worship Centre by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain

Realtor by Marco Echevarria

Ecolabor by Sebastiany

Xitle by Alan Oronoz

WIP by OcularInk

Organic Confections by Madelyn Wattigney

Mint by James Prunean

Greenclick by OcularInk

Greenlight by Arnas Goldbergas

Woodland by OcularInk

Divine by Laura Raduta

Ecogive by Srdjan Kirtic

Ecoelectrons by Srdjan Kirtic

Gardeners Heaven by Josiah Jost

Portnology by Srdjan Kirtic

Amari by Milou

Vala Developments by Marc Katsambis

Terra Verde 2 by Jeffrey Devey

Wilhelm Estate by Jerron Ames

Greenville Bar & Grill by Jerron Ames

Brandbrite by ulahts

Health Leaf by NightFury

Whiteleaf realty by Veep

NatureThumb by Veep

Oliverte by hellogo

EcoRooms by willfarrant

Renviro by tinix1

Eco ideas by Shnickerdoodle Studios

Ecostudio by Bojan Stefanovic

Nature hand by Houston-we

NatureRing by voxsix

PAINTED FERN by tinix1

Organivino by squarelogo

Naturopathy Japan logo by João Franco

Leaf by brandzigners


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