Crisp Moments of Street Life

Crisp Moments of Street Life

Life as the philosophic category can have different forms and meanings – we can distinguish social life, personal life, physical life, spiritual life, etc. Street life is also among those specific forms of life. With a firm affixment to outdoor environment, street life represents the form of universal co-existence between people, animals, transport, architecture, and many other objects of the animate and inanimate nature. When you cross the threshold of your house or apartment, you immediately become part of the street life. It can be funny and inspiring, sometimes even scary or desperate, but always dynamic, vivid, and live.

With the following photography showcase, we offer you to make a virtual tour to the street life. Vagrant musicians and police officers, beloved couples and pigeons, umbrellas and taxi cab lights – it is the street that mixes and combines all these different components into a fabulous mosaic, just like a kaleidoscope mixes different colored glass pieces to form a versatile yet well-ordered ornament of colors and shapes. Cities are often compared to living organisms, and wondering around the streets is, perhaps, the best way to feel the soul of that organism, its uniqueness and inimitableness. Photographs, presented below, are nothing but portrays of the street life, captured and imprinted by a skillful photographer for us to be able to see things, which often escape from the passing glance of a preoccupied passerby.

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