Daily Inspirations no. 20

Perhaps, nothing can give more inspiration then the success stories of other people and already created masterpieces, no matter whether it is digital art, painting, architecture, or advertising. Again, Cruzine comes to you with a bunch of fresh inspirational ideas – from McDonald’s new meal introduction poster to quick practical tips on placing the furniture into small rooms. Of course, a showcase of inspirational photography, digital art, and illustration works is also presented here. Take notice of liquid photography by Mauro Risch – the visual effect on his work is pretty interesting and universal in terms of practical applications. A few typography works can also serve as a source of inspiration for those dealing with digital fonts design. The last but not least – we also offer here a few links to free stuff, like vector texture packs. So, look through the entire post and we bet you’ll find something that will inspire you.


Air by Hugh Hamilton

ballet under the water surface

Sussex 10 by Mauro Risch

green splash

Fashion Bird by Marcus Hewson

female model in white fur squatting on a wooden chair

Why Risk It? by Marcus Hausser

spaghetti monster

Photo by Eric Ogden

guy playing a piano on a stage

Photo by Chris Floyd

beautiful brunette female model bent

Photo by Ninelle Efremova

female model in bathtub

Rivers and Streams by Marc Adamus

waterfall and rocks


Merlin by Sebastian Giacobino

Merlin and a dragon illustration

Suncream by Michael Bisparulz

Eskimos licking suncream illustration

Castle Ruins by Jonas De Ro

Castle Ruins

MOST-MOUSECULAR by Dean Armstrong

muscular Mickey Mouse

Yaranew by Michael Slack

monster caught three kids

3d Arts

Escape by Tony Leung

Enterprise and war on the planet

1964 Peugeot 404 by Richard Clark

1964 Peugeot 404

Mouse Love by Jose Alves da Silva

scared man of the mice illustration

Art and Digital Art

Yuki Onna by Maren Marmulla

brunette lady with flowers portrait

Fallen by sandara

fallen angel with black wings illustration

Noir et blanc by NIELLY FRANCOISE

red/gray woman painting


An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Hanna Viktorsson

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Nuzzles – Wooden Typographic Puzzles by John Christenson

letters or typography cut from the wood

Type as image by Petar Pavlov

tape typography


McDonald’s McWrap: Newcomer by DDB

McDonald's McWrap advertisement

Heineken: Halloween Hand by JWT

Heineken: Halloween Hand advertisement

VIVA Música VIVA, Music School: Marilyn by Hermandad

VIVA Música VIVA poster


Circle kitchen by Unknown

red circle kitchen

The Ostrea Sofa by Annika Göransson

The Ostrea Sofa


Lightpool Phone by Hironao Tsuboi

pink modern lightpool phone

1948 Buick Streamliner by Norman E. Timbs

1948 Buick Streamliner



PROTEUS MAG web site


Flower_back by sergeypoluse

free flower textures

Download Vector Textures

Rustic Texture Pack by Michelle Bretland

free rustic texture pack

Download Texture Pack


Oregon Lottery “Beard World” by Borders Perrin Norrander

Oregon Lottery video


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