Are You Ready For Some Fun?

Designing work has nothing to do with dull and monotonous activities, has it? So has not the art of photography. To prove this to you, we have selected the best quality funny photographs and mixed them here to form a fabulous mixture of funny situations, compositions, and characters. The world around can be pretty funny and humorous; you only have to learn to recognize fun among all the hustle and bustle of the modern life. Alternatively, you can simply look through this funny photography gallery to see comic moments, captured by others. Some of the photographers could not go without manipulating with the pictures a little just to highlight the funny nature of the real-life situations or create some unreal, yet very funny ones.

It is interesting to note that it is not only humans, who can be funny or act in a funny way. Animals are not deprived of sense of humor either. Meditating monkeys, a dove, voting for Coca-Cola, or a horse, laughing in the unique horse-way – you can find these at the photographs below, and we bet they will bring a smile onto your face. Cats and dogs are also at the leading positions among the characters, featured at the funny photographs. As the true friends of humans, these animals are also good at making real fun. Well, sometimes it may cost us a few broken cups or ruptured sofa, but it is all about fun, isn’t it? After all, fun is always about smiling, and, they say, smiles can help us live longer… or happier guaranteed.

Wind Walker by Andre Madeira Cortes

Excuse me!!! by Alessandro Gauci

:S by Ales Farcnik

Puppy of my neighbor by Michal Szydlowski

Get me out please by Carolien van den Brink

Group portrait by henkheus

It’s mine by Hippolyte

Tired by Bill Mangold

I’ll never talk to you again by adrifil

Lovin’ photograph(er)s by Dominik S.

Cat in a bag by Jeremy

Cook by Riccardo Suriano

w h a t ? ! ! by ahsanuddin

The Turtle and the Rabbits by Mario Jean

W.M.D by funkeldink

Almost OUCH by Carla Rho

New Recruit by Ron Sanders

Mr. Yoda the Sugar Cube by Daniel

Ironing by Arnaud G

Playing Chess! by Ellen van Deelen

Free ride by Fabien BRAVIN

The end by anto XIII

Nude Photography by Peter Kemp

No hay cerveza/No beer by Popewan

The mad chemist by photographiste

Found them! by Yakov Shvartz

Hapy day by Samir Kurtagic

Derek Blagg Photography by Derek Blagg

Brand Irony by Sharad Haksar

ABOUT FACE by Derek Blagg

Life on the Darkside by Esteban Diacono

Book I by Giulio Sciorio

I drink lead paint by Dom Reed

I Only Have Eyes for You by MelodiousK

g33k by Dario Belić

Come To The Darkside by boxedphotos

Vote for Coca-Cola by Yuri Bonder

Oh noes D: by PetitPhantomhive

Funny Faces Rock II by BregoGirl

Egg funny by bloodyday

Funny Llama by bugsinajar

Crazy Horse by PiaBobacka

Father and Son by Øystein Eugene Hermstad

Funny face for Luuk & Daan by Annemarie van den Berg

Funny Furry Friday from Sara and me! by roseinthedark

Funny Animal Teeth by Carmen Alma

Funny Llama by Vanda Malvig

Good Intentions by Brian Beaugureau

Fun by Sathish Kumar

Bear by Adam Taylor

Vacuous by John Lund

Wide Display by Saeed Salem

Friend by YURI B

I Better Switch to Digital!!!!! by Igor L.

*** by Aja Ojo

Family Picnic by Kid Panama


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