The Uncovered Truth in Documentary Photographs

Is there some other form of art with more truth, sincerity, and uncovered human emotions than documentary photography? Unlike fiction, documentary style is always about reality and truth by default, so to say. Actually, photography itself is a very true art, tending to show the world “as is” without altering its natural shades and coloring. This principle is brought to its climax in documentary photography, where the composition is not prepared in advance and a photographer works like a hunter, trying to capture the most prominent and vivid moments of life.

Children naivety, the joy of a fisherman with rich fish catch, the tension of an athlete, and heat of the live discussion – with the photographs below you can track a great variety of real-life situations. Some of them are monochromatic, which only increases the emphasis on personalities and expressed emotions. Others are in full color, thus showing the true face of the world with all its advantages and disadvantages. Documentary photography is indeed a very interesting form of art, which stands right at the border between creative vision and real life, allowing an artist to use his skills in detecting the most prominent situation and faces, but keeping him from the temptation to embellishing the reality.

LOOKING by reporter

Futbolin by Manuel Vilches

Abigail by anelim

Unrest by Vahid Ghasemi Zarnoosheh

River angels by marginal

For my dear professor ,lili deilami by Reza Vahmi

Horse In The Sea by zivhackman

People of the Railway by Olivier Sarbil

Small great friends by Carlos Arconada

A day with the G8 by Stefano Corso

Photo by Marius Grozea

Photo 2 by Marius Grozea

Woodstock the biggest Party in Europe by Oscar Piechowski

Hell’s mercenaries by Sorin Onisor

The Stick Fishermen by Yaniv Guy

Struggle by Yofianto Soetono

The yak man by chavi

Photo by Silva Toneva

Follow Me by bradiawan

Photo by Rui Mendez

On Trail by Frank Daske

The Three Kings by Firman Maulana

A Glimpse of My World by Dennis Bautista

Children of Baseco by Dennis Bautista

Baptism in the Jordan River by Pini Hamou

Mud, Sweat & Glee by John Powell

Punch by Thomas C.

Esku pilota by Mikel Arrizabalaga

The hulk by caspix

Driver II by kingpixx

Takraw by Koen Pieters

Photo by Koen Pieters

Songkran 2008 – Happy New Year Mister Policeman by Koen Pieters

Never Ending Spirit by Dian Agung Nugroho

Heros by clickchick

The Fire Man by musyawir

Photo by Son Nguyen

Photo by isph

Fire in National Park of Cilento (SA) – Italy by Antonio Grambone

Dominoes by Sami Uçan

Photo by anicolas

Patriarchal Lives by muratersinyilik

Poverty by muratersinyilik

Life in Morocco by Pedro Sacadura

Tell me father by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Farmer in the fog by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Fish Carrier by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Newborn by Yannis Charatsidis

Washing Lady by Dustbak

Procession by Enzo Penna

Saharan Oasis by G. Russel Childress

This is the beginning of the end by Amnon Eichelberg

Traditional fight by Attila Lóránt

50 years side by side by maxanin

Reborn by Mehdi Eskandari

Photo by Shlomi Nissim

Fighting back by Alexandre Buisse

Sri Lanka 2008 by Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn

Afghanistan by Szymon Karkowski

This is my Iran (Rural side) by Hamed Masoumi

Part 2: American Protests 08/09 by Anthony Kurtz

Diaspora Smile, 50th Anniversary of Tibetan in Exile by Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn

On the Street by Keith Harris

Americana : Protests (2003-2008) by Anthony Kurtz

Maha Shivaratri by Maxim Mjödov

Climbing Rocks by Adam Sebastian West

Listening to snow by Suren Manvelyan

Dukha – Lords of the Taiga by Uluc Kecik

Bad Weather by Danny Santos II

Snapshots by Perttu Saksa

Constantinople by Rengim Mutevellioglu

ANIMALS by Andy Sawyer

Random playground by Andres Garcia Lachner

Berlin RoadRunner’s by Paulina Mirowska

The Dark Side by Martin Miller

Chile – North to South by Galen Brown

Big Bad by Steve Hathaway

Green energy by Umut Kebabci

Landscapes by Adam Sebastian West

Road to Birulia by Manik and Ratan


Vietnam Black & White by Trang Bùi Huy


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