Monster Logo Design Showcase

If people accept yearly celebrations of Halloween, which is nothing but the feast of the devilry in its core, then it is no wonder that it is absolutely fine to put monster illustrations at logotypes. After all, not all monsters are evil, aren’t they? Monsters are just different, but some of them are pretty nice and even noble, like Shrek, for example… Online media projects, spam-filtering applications, and even hi-tech engineering companies choose monsters to represent their companies’ profiles. Appropriate aggressivity on its way to success, unique and untraditional approach or vision – these are only a few meanings monster characters can express, when used as part of a company logo concept.

Animadness by Marco Echevarria

Emforcer by Sean Farrell

Carranca (2008) by Sebastiany

Chart Monster by Jerron Ames

Pilomon by Sneh Roy

Monster Farm by Blake Stevenson

Monster Pizza by Alan Oronoz

Beast Media by Alex Tass

Freak Show #1 by kiran

A by Mads Burcharth

Mutant Melon by Dean Murray

Killer Feature! by Kirill Demidenko

Atomonster by MatthewJohnCreative

Cake Monster by KrystanS

Loud Monster by coccinella

Monster blog by sayasuka

Monsterbits by samuelpires

Spooky by Baba82

TerrorByte by Musa Dzine

Mulch Monsters by mkornhaas

nvadr by Veep

Medusa Wine by Veep

Ogre Studio by blueii

TVeater by mightycreation

Candylion by ocanadesign

Creative creatures by sayasuka

Often Epic by Petr Sulc

Yeti Brand by Veep

Hifive yeti by hoshimo by Startups Direct

GATEKEEPER by jerron

Togama – Logo by Neverdone

MH Logo 2 by Jopsy97

DandD Sports Shirts 2 by comfycushion87

Monster Finans by David Morgan

Monster Finans v2 by David Morgan

Web canavari by sidart

Maxwell lab by Mattia Moretto

Station des glaces by David Laplante


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