The Contrasting Faces of China in Art Photography

Today Cruzine presents a photo gallery dedicated to China. This country, which was hidden from the Western world behind the Great Wall for centuries to protect its traditions and preserve its lifestyle and culture, amazes the whole world today with its rapid growth in terms of both quantity and quality. For many centuries, China was a secret for European and North American people; though it was China that gave papermaking, compass, gunpowder and printing to the Mankind. Today, the curtain is parted (at least, partially), and people from the entire world can learn all the variety of the Chinese microcosm with its specific coloring, shapes, and phenomena.

China is a country of contrast; and the way foreigners perceive China also varies greatly. On one hand, China is the country where the high technology industry flourishes with hundreds of world’s top companies’ production facilities located there. On the other hand, the label “Made in China” is often treated as the synonym of poor quality. Such contrast is also vividly illustrated on the images, presented below. The unique landscapes and sceneries of divine Nature interweave with the pictures of overcrowded and industrialized cities. Ancient wisdom and unique culture, cherished by many generations, is now under the powerful influence of globalization. Today, the face of China may transform, trying to adapt to the global challenges, but, hopefully, modern China will succeed in preserving and multiplying the great legacy, once generated by one of the world’s richest cultures.

FLYING-OVER ROCK by Alessandra Meniconzi

Gossip by Jef Van den Houte

Rubbish collector by Helmut Schadt

The Pipe by Jef Van den Houte

Remembering pre-olympics China by Stephane Barbotin

My village by Nicolas Marino

A Chinese fisherman with his two cormorants by Glenn Karlsen

Happy Player by Frederik Sommer

Tiananmen by E. Westdijk


Shaolin Temple 2006 by Luke Jaworski

Photography: Beijing by Roberto Muñoz

Chinese Dream by Roberto Muñoz

China – Personal work 1 by David Ellingsen

National Day Of Mourning by Pie Photos

China makeover by Hans Timman

Discovering The Terracotta Army by Calvin Fraites

Días en China by Erre Gálvez

Great Wall of China by Matvey Pesegoff

My lovely China by Alberto Talegon

Beijing in Black and White by Jacopo DR

China by Dennis Ziliotto

China – Yangtze River 175M by Wayne Haag

Beijing by Heiko Waechter

SOUTHERN CHINA by Richard Thompson III

China Bikes by Jamie Fouss

Beijing Shanghai Snapshot by Matt Mawson

Shanghaï 003 by Laurent Nivalle

The Old and New China by jon.noj

Windows – Shanghai China by Maciej Dakowicz

Fireworks illuminate the sky over China Pavilion by Meiguo Xing

The Sparkling Shanghai Pudong Skyline: One of the most photographed panorama in China by Meiguo Xing

Morning Exercise in Shanghai, China by X. Sean Gao

CHINA – Shanghai – The competition begun in Pudong ! by Franck Giral

China – Chairman Mao by John Dalkin

Wu Zhen, China 2008_6 by Chee Pin, Lee

IMG.4329.Serie imagenes de China. by Ximo Capellino

CHINA MILITARY by Jason Chafin

China_XiaMen_2010_11 by Chee Pin, Lee

Real Sport Experience China Martial Arts Academy by real_gap_experience

Pong Ping Peking by foxxyz


China vs Peru by Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

CHINA – Magic in the air by BoazImages

Black Dragon Pool-Lijiang-Yunnan Province-China by Michael Mellinger

Black Dragon Pool by melintir

Dragon by Kim Tepper

Zhenyuan, China, mystical, remote, ancient /BW by Vagabond Rhythm

Overlooking the Karst Mountains, China by Jared Fein

China Tibet Himalaya by Bernard Goldbach

Fall in the Himalaya by Michael Anderson

Bayanbulak, Xinjiang, China by Khun_K


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