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Halloween is definitely one of those feasts, which transcend the borders of traditional celebrations, like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas. Halloween is particular, for it is the only party time for ghosts and witches – actually, all those characters and magic forces, which are commonly associated with Evil. Thus, Halloween requires special and particular inspiration as well. The celebration itself starts with the stage of preparation, which is, literally, all about design. Halloween costumes, cards, posters, and, of course, pumpkin decorations – all of these offer immense space for designers and graphics artists to realize their Halloween ideas and concepts. On the other hand, Halloween itself is also a great source of inspiration for photographers.

Halloween photographs, like those presented in our today’s showcase, build the entire picture of this ancient Celtic holiday. Everything that you would normally treat ugly, frightening, scary, disgusting, and off-limits, is welcomed here. Furthermore, this forms the core of Halloween photography. However, there is also a great amount of some magic beauty in these Halloween photographs. Some of them feature the real kaleidoscope of bright colors, creating the atmosphere of carnival. Others highlight the unreal, yet extremely attractive and seducing beauty. Actually, Halloween stands for its own specific concept of splendor, which is far away from reality, but also exempt from multiple limiting generally accepted rules, usual social habits, and conventional aesthetic notions. This is, actually, what Halloween photography is about – to peep at the other world – the one, where magic, fantasy, and both the Good and the Evil reside…

Zombie Walk Paris 2009 by Rasoloarison Live

Cheerleader bat and jango fett by Kai Wiechmann

Twilight zone by Duong Nguyen.H

The Halloween Murder by Gary Leung

The Halloween Murder 2 by Gary Leung

Butterfly Girl by Clint Adam Smyth

Marilyn by Lionel Deluy

Carnivale by Stefan Nielsen

Look! by CAWPhotos

Carnival in Orange by Stefan Nielsen

Two Queens by CAWPhotos

The Mask by Łukasz Balcerzak

Carnivale II by Stefan Nielsen

The mask I by Sandi Gorkic

Halloween Hayride1 by Katy Pannulla

Jezzy – Joker Makeup Test 1 by Tsurumaru

Christel Death Revisited by Patrick Kendall

Halloween Hayride6 by Katy Pannulla

My halloween Paint by Katy Pannulla

Sugar Skull by Yoshida6

Death becomes me by Katy Pannulla

My halloween make 09 by Linda-Pauline Pehrsdotter Weglin

CATS – Video Bombalurina by shoujome

AND BLOODTHIRSTY. by kimvongrimm

The Pale Children by Tricia Gosingtian

Calavera by wellknownpleasures

The Jack’o Lantern Queen by BelowDarkWater

Janelle-Hallloween Shoot-No.1 by AND-G-LOW

Lady Scissorhands by Miuaw

Wicked Witches by Madeline E.

SHOWGIRL by Gabriel Carvajal

VILLAINS 10: the scissorhands by Gabriel Carvajal

The circus queen by MARTCELLIA LIUNIC

La Katrina by ladysivali

VILLAINS 2: THE SNAKE by Gabriel Carvajal

The Icing princess. by MARTCELLIA LIUNIC


008 by Emanuel Oliveira

Halloween II by Alexander Pompa

Tricky dreaded iii by Arie Jantou

Alice 1 by Scott Newton

Cute Kitten by YinYangSakura

Cute, I Am by greenspoon

Fox as a fox by saidiecat

Cowpug Kuma by Stephan Black

Butterfly Pug by novemberstar88

Yoda by Sublime-Steve

My Dog’s Halloween Costume by Willowrina

Chopper by Ailish01

Marilyn Chihuahua 2 by Mary Watkins

Frog Pug by Jesse Kunerth

Lazy Pirate by mannequinlust

Pink Poodle by davidstogie

Sweat Pea by Danielle Bauer

.fairy princess. by emelia1502

The bug wrangler by Emily Rose


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