33 Daily Inspirations no. 14

“If you only do what you know you can do – you never do very much”. Trying to follow this Tom Krause’s wise thought, why don’t we try to do something beyond the scope of our ordinary activities? For designers and artists this may mean experiments with new illustration techniques, new shapes, colors, and textures. Cruzine is always ready to assist designers in their creative experiments and explorations. With the set of inspirational works below we hope to help you overcome some inner limitations and blocks and show the possible ways of applying your own imagination and skills at their maximum. As always, in this daily inspiration set we tried to cover as many fields of design industry as possible – from photography to 3D illustrations and to digital art, architecture, typography, and motion picture.


Christina Aguilera by Dale May

Bomb Girl Pinup by Dale May

Teddy Bear by The Unknown Artist

Wet N Wild by Sharad Haksar

Photo by flat-6

Photo by Georges katsanakis

Photo by Chris Steinbach

Hebrides Islands, Scotland: The Edge of the World by Jim Richardson

Photo by Martin Oeggerli


Liberty by Kerem Beyit

Purgatory by Mario Wibisono

The Avatar of the Great Enemy by Per Haagensen

The rabbit strikes back! by Michael van den Bosch

Nicola L Robinson – Old-Man by Nicola Robinson

3d Arts

Little red riding hood by Angel Gabriel Diaz Romero

Hometime by Eoin Rogan

The Last Nutcracker by Francois Conradie

Art and Digital Art

Wallace & Gromit by Amaury Lemal

La Esencia de Klimt by Kattaca

Landscapes by Levi van Veluw


Lovechild – Typeface by Craig Ward

Typography by Nicolas Girard


Head & Shoulders: Polamolecule by Saatchi & Saatchi

Buggy: Officer by Talents Only

Gatorade: Boxing by Agency: DDB


The Berg: World’s Largest Man Made Mountain by Jakob Tigges

The Snug Lounge Chair by Alvin Tjitrowirjo


Sony Ericsson FH Mobile Phone by Du Jun

Strand Craft 122 Super Yacht by gray design


Existing Visual


Dinosaurs Vector Pack by tariqelamine

Download Vector Set

Package – Painted – 11 by resurgere

Download Textures


Playing with light – Mon ami le robot by Cube Creative


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