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Just like all the people are different, business entities also vary greatly, as well as their needs in marketing materials and approaches to logo designs. Once some companies choose traditional and conservative textual logos, others vote for something extraordinary, where magic and fantasy make a perfect fit. Magic should be understood literally here. Wizards, fairies, and even voodoo accessories are featured in logo designs we have prepared for you today. Often, such alternative style logos are chosen for some progressive online services and products. However, many of them would fit great for the traditional businesses as well. For example, isn’t it a good idea to make a fairy-featured logo for some children cloth brand, or wouldn’t you be attracted with the local pub’s logo, where a wish-fulfilling Aladdin’s lamp is illustrated, or why wouldn’t a government choose Pandora’s box as its official emblem?

Aquelarre by Damian

Sourcerer by Burn Creative

Mojo Media by David Morgan

MagicView by Florin Hatmanu

Admajik v1 by Roy Smith

Creative Mantra by Sayyed Arshad

Magic Identity by Felipe Rojas

Light Magic by Ivan Lebedinsky

Babymagik by Jack Hsu

Magic Design by Arnas Goldbergas

Arcobaque 2 by Enrique Larios

Genie by Richard Fonteneau

VivaArt by Logo Diver

Magic by Nesh Galdino

Candy Magic by Daniel Rojas

Fairy by Felipe Rojas

Liber Iletisim by Ervin Esen

Chirag by Kumar

Team Voodoo by Schuster

Voodiki by Flojack

Voodoo Beach by Randy Heil

Voodoo by Gunter Schobel

Rojo Mojo by Antek Korzeniowski

Voodoo Monkey by J.GARNER

Foster by Ivaylo Nikolov

Hocus Pocus by d_north

EcoPixy by Najara

Unicness by WildOne


Pegasus Tales by revotype

Mystic by Veep

Grifex by instudio

Zaronios by JMC

MovieMagic by Joel

MagicTitle by voxsix

Blue magic by Luci_ued

AgencyMojo by theinkster

TrickDrink (.com) Pub by saky

Saga oriental restaurant by nbd

MOVIE MAGIX by alterego

Vibewind by voxsix

Magic Coffee by ALL4LEO


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