33 Daily Inspirations no. 9

Friday is a great day to get some relax and allow your imagination recharge itself with the new portion of inspirational images that we have collected for you today. If you are working in the field of website design, you will definitely benefit from typography materials, floral brushes for Photoshop, and free vector packs presented below. Those, dealing with advertising, will also find here some new and fresh ideas to promote goods and companies. Finally, the fans of digital art will feel delight just viewing the selection of digital photographs and art illustrations, compiled by the Cruzine team.


Dirty Jobs by Roger Hagadone

Rocky Balboa by Marcus Hausser

Purecrazinessstudio2010 by Ariel Majtas

So by kosara

Photo by Kevin Griffin

Celebrity Photography by Lorenzo Aguis

Beauty by Christopher Wilson


Terminator V by Alex Ruiz

Dragon by Martin Deschambault

Donaar by Kerem Beyit

Love Supper by Bill Ledger

Glennz Tee Concepts 2008 by Glenn Jones

3d Arts

Greengirl by Matt Roussel

Captain America by Sven Juhlin

Batman by Barringer Fox III Wingard

Art and Digital Art

The Serpentine Art by Guido Mocafico

Stop Haunt Me Everyday Collection by Tony Ariawan

Digital by Cristiano Siqueira


3d Type by Stuart Wade

An Homage to Herb Lubalin by Luke Lucas

Aston font by Fontfabric


Spoleto: Wolf by Artplan

Aloe Mint Dental Floss: Garbage Trucks by Bold Ogilvy

Advertising by Gregor Collienne


Golden Gate Bridge: The View From The Top by Telstar Logistics

Trent City Bus Station by Austin Smith Lord


DryMate by Nico Kläber

Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator by Yuriy Dmitriev

Watches for Alfa Romeo by Chopard


The Creative Finder


Ornaments Set 2 by DuroArt

Download Ornaments

WOODCUTS: AI flourish pack by r2010

Download Brush Pack


AT-AT day afternoon by Patrick Boivin


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