Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

It may be an unexpected discovery for the majority of people, but many modern sociologists do support the idea that humans no longer have instincts. What has been known as instincts for many years before, for example sex or hunger, is now recognized as strong drives. Scientists say that these cannot be instincts as a human being can override them, while instincts can never be overridden. Well, it is rather a debatable statement, isn’t it? In any event, advertising industry still considers hunger as one of the human basic instincts and widely exploits this fact, introducing new approaches and building provocative concepts just to seduce consumers with some novel food product or an eating facility.

Fortunately, there is not less art in modern food advertising as biology and marketing. To be efficient, advertising, whether it is a TV trailer, restaurant logo, or a menu decoration, should work in a very sophisticated way. By stimulating visual receptors of a potential customer (this is the art component in advertising), it should affect his basic instincts and form irresistible desire (this is where commerce starts) to drop into a supermarket for a new type of organic ham or rush into the nearby restaurant and satisfy his instincts with the extra portion of taco. Not to be accused in advocating emotional eating :-), let us publish here some examples of food advertising concepts, where art component is strong enough to overwhelm (at least for some time) the basic instincts and let one enjoy the aesthetic value of advertising itself before tasting the culinary values of the advertised product.

NaturaSi Organic Shops: Yellow by Ogilvy Rome

Chef Boyardee: Carrot Kid by DDB

Burger King: Wrap by Interone GmbH

South Sea Seafood Restaurant: Net by Verso Creative

Dairy Farmers of Canada Cheese Rolling: Blue by TAXI Vancouver

Taco Bell: Arroyo Hondo with video game arcade, 3 by EpiGrey

Heinz Fit Ketchup: Snake by Mark BBDO

Mizup Soup: Chicken by McCann WorldGroup

Negroni: Waterfall by DDB Milan

McDonalds: Sandwich, 2 by GBK Heye

Kraft Easy Mac: Lion by Draft FCB

T-Shirt Designs by Andreas Krapf

The Food Gang by Robert Hellmundt

Fruity Shirt Designs by Robert Hellmundt

Ampersand Food Groups // Typography Illustrations by Dan Beckemeyer

La Vela Restaurante: Seagull by Labase

Panda Express Chinese Food Delivery: Peking-Duck by Kaffeine

McDonald’s: Veggieburger by Neue Digitale/Razorfish

Slovak Association of Dairy: Teeth by Jandl

Cholula Hot Sauce: Ravine by JWT Singapore

Legal Sea Foods: Reservations by DeVito/Verdi

Kerrygold: Feather by Butter

Natureta: Gentleman by SAATCHI & SAATCHI

Reef n’ Beef: Pig by SAATCHI & SAATCHI

Brinsa: Lemon salt by Ade

Lay’s Sensations Chips: Mexican by BBDO

Domino’s Pizza: Plant by Team/Y&R

Comieco: Enemies by Tita

Eno: Japan, Mexico, Persia by Ogilvy & Mather

Prime Television: Man vs Wild by DraftFCB

Alka Seltzer: Evil Chicken, Evil Bacon, Evil Sausage by Almap BBDO

Mars Petfood Frolic: Pool, Hotel, Limo by CLM BBDO

Sydney International Food Festival: Flags by WHYBIN/TBWA

Nutri Balance: Blind, Cards, Hand, Husband by Prolam Y&R Santiago

Mr Hot Pepper: Bomb by 1861 United

Pedegree Light by TBWA

Food stylist by Linda Lundgren

Nutrella Vitta Natural Bread: Magnifying Glass by McCann Erickson

Tabasco: Pizza by Award School

John West: Perfectly cut, 1 by Grey

McDonald’s: Come as you are, King Kong by BETC Euro RSCG

Kapiti: Designer ice cream, 1 by Colenso BBDO

Post Honey Bunches: Spoon, 3 by Regev-kavitzky

Caplansky’s Delicatessen: Mean Sandwich by Bensimon Byrne

Miracel Whip: Fries by JWT

Kellog’s All-Bran Plus: Praying mantis by Leo Burnett

The f word by Angela Marklew

Flying Mouse 365 Tee Design – Week 11 by Chow Hon Lam

Dauphine – food by Lucas Brendan Ward

NK food calendar by Jenny Mörtsell

LOS LOGOS BISCUITOS (Cookies rule) by Fabrice Bats

International Breakfast by Oliver Schwarzwald

Art Hotel by Lyubomir Sergeev

Burger autumn collection by Dariusz Palarczyk

McCormick: Pyramids-Cumin by Publicidad Augusto Elías

Yo Sushi Restaurants: Tuna by Volcano

McDonald’s McFlurry: Mona by DDB

McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake by DDB

KFC: Mouse by O&M

Britannia: Tragedy by Mccann Erickson

Zeuss Home Foodz: Gia by Abhishek Sawant

Duet Ice-Cream: Obama by Voskhod

McCormick: Chicken by Publicidad Augusto Elías

All-bran: Taco by Leo Burnett

Miracel Whip: Miracle seesaw by Draftfcb


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