Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

Basic Instinct Exploiting in Food Advertising

It may be an unexpected discovery for the majority of people, but many modern sociologists do support the idea that humans no longer have instincts. What has been known as instincts for many years before, for example sex or hunger, is now recognized as strong drives. Scientists say that these cannot be instincts as a human being can override them, while instincts can never be overridden. Well, it is rather a debatable statement, isn’t it? In any event, advertising industry still considers hunger as one of the human basic instincts and widely exploits this fact, introducing new approaches and building provocative concepts just to seduce consumers with some novel food product or an eating facility.

Fortunately, there is not less art in modern food advertising as biology and marketing. To be efficient, advertising, whether it is a TV trailer, restaurant logo, or a menu decoration, should work in a very sophisticated way. By stimulating visual receptors of a potential customer (this is the art component in advertising), it should affect his basic instincts and form irresistible desire (this is where commerce starts) to drop into a supermarket for a new type of organic ham or rush into the nearby restaurant and satisfy his instincts with the extra portion of taco. Not to be accused in advocating emotional eating :-), let us publish here some examples of food advertising concepts, where art component is strong enough to overwhelm (at least for some time) the basic instincts and let one enjoy the aesthetic value of advertising itself before tasting the culinary values of the advertised product.

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