War Memories in Photography

The smell of gunpowder, bitterness of close friends’ losses, disgust when killing a man and constant fear of being killed, hopes for the war to end, pain of the defeat and triumph of the victory – war memories may vary, but they are always linked to the extreme emotional experience, the traces of which always become secured in human minds forever. Those, who have been at war, will never get rid of its memories; and those lucky ones, who haven’t, will never be able to apprehend in whole the real meaning of war and its influence on human personality.

We have collected some vivid and distinct photographs with clear association with war memories. Many of them are historical photos from the World War I and World War II, and others were taken at the modern day’s war scenes. Here you will find many pictures in black-and-white, but their artistic value may even exceed that of color images, because they can still express the tension of the moment and situation. Kevin Arnold once said, “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” However, if it is war memory, then it is also the way to keep in mind things you would never want to experience again.

Spanish American War, 2nd Regiment by George Eastman House

Aircraft Of World War One … A Hannover CL.IIIa by Jim Landon

Many of the tanks put out of action were used as shelters for the wounded by National Media Museum

Tanks on parade in London at the end of World War I, 1918 by National Library NZ on The Commons

1940 London at War – The Blitz by Paul Townsend

World War II – Stukka by Prescott Pym

If at first you don’t succeed … then your war is over… by Steve O. Reno

World War II Wellington bombers (2 of 2) by whatsthatpicture

World War II by Paperback_Writer

World War II – Panzer by Prescott Pym

War Damage – The Moor by ClydeHouse

Soviet War Photographers, Berlin 1945 by Unknown


Battleship by Unknown

Horrors of War by Unknown

Rescuing survivor near USS Vest Virginia, during Pearl Harbor raid by Unknown

USS Cassin capsized against USS Downes, at Pearl Harbor, 7 december 1941 by Unknown

Wreck of USS Downes & USS Cassin, at Pearl Harbor, 7 december 1941 by Unknown

Wrecked B-17 at Hickam Field after Japanese raid, 7 dec. 1941 by Unknown

Bel Geddes diorama of USS Hammann’s depth charges exploding by Unknown

April 30, 1945: End of World War II in Europe by Yevgeniy Khaldey

The world’s greatest photographs: Girl burnt in napalm attack, 1972, Vietnam War by Nick Ut

Vietnam war by Unknown

Vietnam war by Unknown

Vietnam war by Unknown

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03052 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03079 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03170 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03085 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03153 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03111 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03173 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03104 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03171 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03107 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03086 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03080 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03097 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03158 by US Army Korea

Korean War – HD-SN-99-03102 by US Army Korea

Aperture to Hell by EdenEye8

Al Jazeera Desert Iraq by MilitaryPhotos

Soldier in Iraq by Daniel Herrera

Leaving Iraq – Strykers 1 by Greg Miller

Close Call by Goran Tomasevic

Kabul Afghanistan by Andrya Hill

Helmand Afghanistan by Pier Paolo Cito

Kandahar Afghanistan by Owen W. Budge

Now Zad, Afghanistan by Freddy G. Cantu

Fight Through… by Rob Knight

I.E.D. South Afghanistan by Peter Van Agtmael

Gaza by Zoriah

Vukovar (Croatia) – Roots of the War by Daniel Zollinger

Palestine by Zoriah

Damages by tonycity

A place for peace by Jacob Jovelou

Communications Building War Damage – Baghdad – May 2003 by Ed Andrews

Sarajevo. War damage by NK Eide


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