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There is an old Japanese proverb saying that if a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. So, we suggest you to take a cup of tea before you proceed with reading this post.

The noble Mountain of Fuji, cherry trees in blossom, tea ceremony, and beautiful yet mysterious geisha – there are many symbols, commonly associated with the Land of the Rising Sun in the minds of Western people. Today we offer you a chance to dive into the amazing world of Japanese culture and lifestyle through this gallery of professional photographs featuring Japan, its entrancing sceneriesarchitectural masterpieces, and, of course, its people.

Natural beauty. Wisdom of the generations. Progress through following the traditions. Short phrases, obviously, work best for describing Japan-featuring photographs. Just the way the Japanese haiku reflect best the wisdom of Japanese culture, where the whole quintessence of meaning is enclosed into a simple form and concentrated in the small details. Photographs, featuring Japan, attract and amaze with the depth of artistic design, variety of colors and forms. Many of them show the unique way of coexistence between ancient traditions and the most progressive achievements of the modern technology. Looking at the below photographs, one can feel some meditating tranquility and special harmony between nature and human creations. Soothing landscapes and sceneries, specific Japanese characters and vibrant modern cities – this photography showcase magnifies the true appearance of Japan, its cultural heritage, and modern community.

Japan’s Sunset by Eric Rousset

Beautiful Japan by Neda Korablikovaite

Japan 2007 & 2008 by Niko Kitsakis

My Japan by Thomas Cristofoletti

KENDO by Aries Mulung

Snow Monkeys of Hell Valley by Navid Baraty

Made in Japan by Emanuele Nardoni

Japan by Plu Shu

Tokyo People by Kim Laughton

Mizukake Matsuri by Shunji Ueda

2009. Yokosuna (Campeón) by Jorge Cano

Japan by Peter Hamza

Trip to Hakone – April 2010 by Thomas Gantz

Yôkoso Japan ! by Yvan ISNARD

Kyoto by Sei Sato

Best of Japan, Summer 2010 by Nathan Spotts

Trains of Japan by Faisal Sultan

Early spring blossoms by Matti Sedholm

Kiyomizudera Nun by Matti Sedholm

Mokuso! by Matti Sedholm

Distant by Matti Sedholm

PotraitS of JaPAn by Héctor González

Tokyo landscape by Antonio Saba

Koukotsu…a japanese instant by Hélène Dodet

Tokyo by Kim Erlandsen

Japanese Schoolgirl Photoshoot by Felipe Xavier

Winter / people / girl / street : maiko (geisha apprentice) Chizu, kyoto japan by Michael Chandler

Beautiful / japanese / girl / black / beauty maiko (geisha apprentice) kyoto, japan by Michael Chandler

Hirosaki Castle Japan by Glenn Waters

Hozenji Lamps : Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan / Japón by Miguel Michán

The Last Samurai by David Michaud



Sumo Toss by Jason Hill


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