33 Daily Inspirations no. 5

It is Monday today and it’s time to start a new week with the fresh load of inspiration. So, get yourself a cup of invigorating coffee and open your mind to receive a new portion of design ideas from Cruzine. Following our daily tradition, we are publishing here 33 inspirational works. In addition to a gallery of photographs and art illustrations, here you will also find information on some cool technology innovations and architectural concepts. Finally, to give you more benefits from visiting Cruzine, we are offering here set of vector flourishes. Enjoy!


The Actress 2 by Susi Belianska

Gods Rays by Michael Poliza

Lion King by Michael Poliza

Sea Eggs by raskoll

Photo by Virginie Dubois

The Isle of Human by Johan Rosenmunthe


Tower of evil by Xueguo Yang

Mynæº-Crisis / The End of Embargo by Fahrija Velic

Nature Boy by Bao Pham

Eelx by Daniel Cortes

Leap to Death by Kerem Beyit


Spiderman X DocOck by Ivan Kisil Miskalo

Wumonster by Matt Roussel

3d-beach_0 by Bill Ledger

Art and Digital Art

The Urban Mural Art by Daniel Bussiere

Picture by Karol Bak

Amy Winehouse portrait by Paul Giles

Panda by Alexis Marcou


Neighbourhood Typography by Bruce Mackay

Personal by Kirsten Swank

Tongue- The Logo by Luke Lucas


Celcom Mobile: Rocketeer, Cannon, Laser by M&C Saatchi

Gabriela, Project Runaway: Rainy, Summer, Winter by DM9JaymeSyfu

Discovery Channel – Deadliest Catch by Global Key Visual

Advertising by Gregor Collienne


Paraty House by Marcio Kogan Architects

Crooked House by FOVEA Architects

A New Museum for a New City by M9


iPod nano touch by Apple

Nokia Kinetic by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins


Bogo Themes


G01 Haider by Haider

Download Shapes


Nokta by Onur Senturk


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