33 Daily Inspirations no. 3

Are you ready for the next portion of spanking new inspirational designs that we have prepared for you today? If so, let us not waste our time and dive into the amazing world of photography, digital art illustrations, advertising ideas, architectural wonders, and free tools for your designing work. We hope this journey will bring you much inspiration to produce your own designing works with bright ideas and unusual approaches to the solution of the usual designing tasks.


Ruby by Gary Leung

Valencia by Nader Bilgrami

Photo by ReyRomano

Fashion by Nathalie Odette

Mirrors by Ujin Lee and Thomas Edward

Landscapes by FLOP


Lost girl by Ruoxing Zhang

Concrete 7 by Xueguo Yang

Kill the winter by Xiaochen Fu

Droid [overhaul] by Fahrija Velic

Imagine- London Southbank Centre Children’s Literature Festival by Aaron Blecha

3d Arts

Yeti by Sven Juhlin

cat_v02 by Michal Kwolek

Joybot by Lee Davies

Fish Man by Fabricio Moraes

Digital Art

Liquid Art by Alberto Seveso

Picture by Karol Bak

?uestlove by Paul Giles

Laser Etched Wood by Robert Lievanos


The Great Salt Lake City by Super Top Secret

Amour – Typographic Print Campaign by Luke Lucas

HMF by HandMadeFont


Lavazza Coffee First Class Espresso Experience by Armando Testa

Advertising by Maurizio Cigognetti

Mio gps by hock


Fiction Chair by Alyssa Coletti

Billboards by Branislav Kropilak

Villa M2 by Lindvall A&D


eRoll by Dragan Trencevski

Jaguar C-X75 Concept by Jaguar




Téléchargements by freshpixel.fr


“And Then There Was Salsa” by Frito Lay Dips


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