Mysterious Fauna Representatives in Logo Design

As usually on Friday, today we are presenting a new collection of logo designs – this time we have selected logos, featuring multiple mysterious fauna representatives and legendary creatures.

A lizard, an iguana, a chameleon, a turtle – these fauna representatives have always been cloaked in multiple myths and ancient legends. The reason for that is the strong association between these creatures and certain qualities in the minds of people. For example turtles are known for their longevity, lizards are remarkable for the ability to regain the lost tail, and chameleon is widely known for its skills to change body color in accordance with the environment. Using such animals in logo design can definitely add deep meaning to the logo and enhance the entire corporate image and style. Furthermore, there are many legendary animals, which designers often use in logo design. The mystifying Phoenix bird is just one example to mention. This legendary bird, reviving from the fire, is a popular symbol, commonly used in logo designs.

Chameleon chili sauce by Markmir

Magouya by Magouya

Horny Gecko by Andy Quick

Snap by Roberto Norelli

Geeko by Daniel Sensecall

Lizard Squash by Ponline

K&P Painting by Sean Pruitt

Cultura Event GmbH by Sandro Tanneberger

Chamelio by John Breo Reyes

Vivaria by David Pache

Turtle Rock Farm by Jerron Ames

Green Dragon by Mark Thoburn

Yellow Emperor by Arbel M. Cohen

Brazen Rose by Anna Kouprieva

Dragon Roll by Onetreeink

camflage by Joel

Chameleon by LogoGuppy

Turtla by Veep

Gamerz Inc by almosh82

ZeroManaged INC Logo by El3ment4l

Dragon Society logo by Fabio Tokumoto

Celesgrain Logo by Casper Yang

pyre phoenix by designabot

Phoenix Design by NightFury

Phoenix by super-designer

Rebird by Smartsolutions

simurgh by mootova

kahimba by doncip

Inkbird by nhood

GUACAYA by TalentoDesign

Falcon Time by Ledevil

InkBurn by theinkster

Phoenix studio by crislabno

Phoenix Distribution & Marketing by cAPS lOCK

Firebird by Jonny Pink

Marc Preston Productions by Ivaylo Nikolov

DMI (2007) by Sebastiany

Phoenix Stadium by Marcos Cabanas

Phoenix by Antonius Murdhani

Press Red Media – Logo by Neverdone

Phoenix Productions by Ryan Mayer


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