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Once known to be a cradle of the civilization, India still remains a notable player in the world economic, political, and cultural life. This country once gave people buttons and pajamas, dental drill and corrosion-resistant iron, optic fiber and USB, chess and dice, shampoo and swimming pool… The list of Indian discoveries and inventions really impresses, and many of the things, commonly associated today with the Western style of life, actually originated from India.

Today, India is a highly diverse county, where the beauty and luxury of the temples neighbor with extreme poverty and sufferings, where tremendous cultural heritage interlaces with the lack and inaccessibility of children education. Like its ancient gods, India always had many faces. The borderless diversity of this country is perfectly illustrated in this India photography showcase Cruzine has prepared for you.

Here you will be able to see the best author’s photographs, showing multiple aspects of India – from its legendary architectural monument Taj Mahal to the striking reality of the modern life in India. Indian photographs, collected here, gain special value thanks to those people featured on the images. Indeed, Indian people are filled with secrets for a Western man. These often barefooted people are the true symbols of some eternal wisdom, inconceivable for the representatives of the other nationalities. Distraction from triviality, denial of all the material welfare – Indians often seem to be just preparing for the transition into some higher level of existence. Look deeply into the eyes of people illustrated on the photographs below, and you will see the bottomless source of true human emotions and thoughts, free from any social prejudices or cliché.

Solitude by Thamer Al-Tassan

Taj.mahal by Nina Papiorek

The Indian by Leo

Sikhs by Helmut Schadt

Tribal Elder by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Desert Dweller by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Some Life… by Sacred Pixels

Lunch Time by Rob

Belonging-ness by Vikram Jamwal

Girl with a piercing by Sasson Haviv

Smile of an Indian female worker by Robert

Life on the countryside by oochappan

Pilgrims in Varanasi by Helmut Schadt

Please!!!!! by Robert

India by Emanuele Nardoni

Ladakh by Hrishikesh Ta

The Beautiful Struggle : India by Train by Anthony Kurtz

India: Generations of Tomorrow by Anthony Kurtz

India Tourism Photo Op by Bobby Ghoshal

A Taste of India #2 by Katie Harmsworth

New Delhi : Markazi Bazar by Rene Steiner

Hand In Hand, Tamil Nadu, South India. Part One. by Richard Lewisohn

Travel Portraits – Varanasi, India 2008 by Dillon Marsh

Blushing Bride (Tanishq Weddings) by Sharon Nayak

A prayer. Varanasi, India by fredcan

Ritual by Alejandro Olivares de Diego

Ceremony in Varanasi, India… by Manon van der Lit

Silent Prayer / Amritsar, India by idogu

Cricket fever! by Seema K K

India Cricket Team by aSMawi

Beach Cricket – India by Sean Breslin

Back-view Bollywood: multiple by Meena Kadri

Movie poster, mysore, south India by Arul Baskaran

GFX69 Fashion Photography Workshop 8 – “Bollywood Part 2″ by Gienel Balanquit

INDIA DANCE FESTIVAL ( Odissi ) by Sanchitaa Oddissi Dance Foundation

India wedding style by clicheelfotografica

Spinning Monk – I by Pierre Morel

The Afternoon Glowing Temple by Trey Ratcliff

Largest Hindu Temple in WestBengal, India by andy_utoledo

Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India by balavenise

Lotus Temple in Delhi by Jagdish Yadav

Cows mowing the lawns at the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India (October 2007) by Cor Lems

Street Cows, India by Phelo

Babas, Cows and Alleyways in Jaisalmer, India by Greg Goodman

Downtown Delhi on a Seasonably Hot Day by Trey Ratcliff

Rickshaw nap – Delhi by Maciej Dakowicz

Delhi’s Telecommunication. Fully wired! by Brajeshwar Oinam

Baha’i House of Worship, New Delhi, India {Vertorama} by Adib Roy

मुंबई, (MUMBAI), INDIA by Adib RoyAndré Pipa

Scooping Junk in Mumbai by Trey Ratcliff


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