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Castles – these majestic monuments of the glory and power, which survived through centuries of great changes, have always been among any country’s top tourist attractions. Besides, castles have always inspired artists to portray the beautiful sceneries, where these imposing architectural forms are seamlessly integrated into the natural terrain by the skillful hand of an ancient builder. Looking at the photographs with old castles, the feeling of deep respect appears for the exceptional skills of the architects who created such masterpieces, where harmony with nature as well as extreme aesthetic taste were elevated to their highest point.

Beautiful and powerful, impressively towering above the tops of the trees, castles at the times of their prosperity were much more than just a place of residence for a noble family. Castles were the embodiments of military strength, social importance, and cultural advance. Built in accordance with the most progressive construction and defensive techniques and decorated by the most prominent artists of their time, castles live through the ages, continuing to impress people and inspire artists. Not everything is transitory on planet Earth; and castles work like obstinate evidences of this statement, withstanding the destructive influence of time, humans’ activity, and climate just to show all the future generations the rich heritage, accumulated for them by the forefathers. This heritage is the background for our further progress, and our aim is not only to save but also to multiply it.

Neuschwanstein Castle by Pilar Azaña

El castell de Hunedoara / The castle of Hunedoara by SBA73

Hirosaki Castle. Wow! (Explored) by Glenn Waters

Palais des Papes by Lars Van De Goor

Dunluce Castle at Twilight by Gary McParland

Interval by Rebecca Cusworth

Old castle by Dare Turnsek

CELJE CASTLE by Herman Cater

Castle Grodziec by Piotr Cichosz

The Castle by Nicola Molteni

Scrabo Tower by Gary McParland

Dolwyddelan Castle by Ray Wise

Caisteal Àrd Bhric & Cuinneag, Sutherland. 23/01/10 by Douglas Griffin

Kilchurn Castle February by Wytchwood

Castle Muiderslot by Iván Maigua

FrontSideMagicCastleJR by Valpopando

Prague castle by FotoBob#

Schloss Mespelbrunn by Batram

Château de Foix, Ariège by Bibliothèque de Toulouse

Dunottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland by The Library of Congress

Zvířetice, CZ by Steve Coleman

Ancient European splendour 2 by JohnDan1

Eilean Donan by Walden Effingham

Burg Eltz, Germany by Hans Vaupel

Montaigne by Barbara Frizz

Morton Castle by Kenneth Muir

Aragonese Landscape hdr by Giorgio Di Iorio

Reichsburg Cochem by luzzzelmann

Sintra Revisited #16 – Palácio da Pena by RiCArdO JorGe FidALGo

Neuschwanstein Castle by Werner Böhm

Karlštejn TM by Santi Rodríguez

The castle by green_lover

Burg Krauzenstein, Austria by Edgar Barany

ELTZ castle by Barbara Frizz

The magic castle of princess Jacq by Valpopando

Predjamski Grad / Predjama Castle, Slovenia by Franz St.

Castillo de Coca by P. Medina

Main castle babelsberg by Thomas Mues

HDR Marienburg by Little♥Krawler

Maiden Tower by Miroslav Petrasko

Toward Castle by Graham McKenzie-Smith

Kiyosu Castle at sunset (HDR) by Yevgen Pogoryelov

Schloss Lichtenstein #0717 by til213

Schloß Sigmaringen by chrisweran

Alcázar by Asturtom

Schloss Moyland by Jörg Dickmann

Schweriner Schloss – BUGA 2009 Preview by Harald Hoyer

The old moated castle by doc_snyder69

Sermione (i.e. Sirmione) Castle, Lake Garda, Italy by The Library of Congress

Conwy castle and bridge by LlGC ~ NLW

Nagoya Castle by New York Public Library

El castell de Matsumoto / Matsumoto Castle by SBA73

Castle of Darkness by schwede123

Hiroshima Castle by CookiemagiK

Japan: Himeji Castle by Lisa Rye

Peles Castle by Buhuhu87

Colorful Castle of Spirits by Bors Viktor

Holy Island Castle by Scott Lowrey

Blackrock Castle by James Galvin

Bled Castle by nordfold

Olsztyn rocks and castle by grafzero

Arundel Castle by Bogbrush


Arundel Castle II by Jeremy Farrance

Castle by Hupsi

Arundel Castle I by Jeremy Farrance

Eilean Donan Castle – BW by Andreas Stridsberg

Castle Overture by Adam Wicinski

The castle by spako

Castle by spako


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