Stereogram – A New Way to Look at the World

Stereogram – A New Way to Look at the World

Stereograms or 3D images, which represent nothing but an optical illusion, appearing when one follows a particular method of eye focusing at the specifically rendered flat two-dimensional source images, has been a kind of a total world craze in the 1990s. People of all ages spent time gazing at some odd-looking and obscure images, waiting until the eyes catch the appropriate focus and the hidden 3D image of some object or text will be revealed in the three-dimensional form. Introduced and widely popularized under the trademark “Magic Eye”, over 20 million books with stereogram images were sold worldwide, hitting the top of the New York Times Bestseller List.

By the end of this article we will explain the basics of stereogram and give you some tips on mastering the “magic eye” technique, so that you could find out what is hidden behind this bouquet of blue roses and other similar stereograms.

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