Lion Logo Designs – Bringing the Power and Pride to Your Logo

Lion is an acknowledged King of all the existing animals. This well-known and quite short metaphor is the quintessence of all the features lion embodies in the minds of all the other known creatures on Earth, including humans. Lion is strength, confidence, wisdom, bravery. He ensures the perfect protection for those who he is at good terms with, because he is practically invincible. He embodies nobleness, power, and leadership. All his appearance fills everyone with trust and deep respect. For many of us lion also means reliability and stability.

What company would not wish to possess all the above mentioned features? What firm would not dream of being the leader, the best, and the most popular? Maybe this is the reason why so many companies all around the globe choose to have the figure of the imposing lion on their logos and advertisements. This helps them achieve people’s trust, and this also makes their competitors realize: this is a real player and a serious competitor on the way.

Take a look at our Lion Logos showcase and make sure every single word you’ve read above is true. We collected here multiple logo designs featuring the figure of a lion in various shapes, forms, and colors for you to feel for yourself what impact such a strong image may have on the observers, what thoughts and emotions it evokes in our minds, and what impression a company with such logo can make.

For the creative logo designers, seeking for inspiration from the works of the others, this showcase may become a kind of an ABC book, vividly representing the ways and methods they can use in their own logo designs to attract the attention of the potential viewers.

Edinburgh Capitals by John Slabyk

Edinburgh Capitals (secondary) by John Slabyk

Standard Beneficial by Roy Smith

Vangaard by Alberto Russo

León Verde by Floris Voorveld


CINQLEO by David Pache

Lioness by Yuri Galitsyn

Venezia by Jovan Rocanov

Failed Lapeer West High School Rebrand by Matt Kauzlarich


Whitelion consulting by Angelo F. Sabal

Detroit Lions Concept Logo by Matt Kauzlarich

Zion by Lukasz Chelchowski

The Center for Exit Planning & Succession by Andre Gagnon

Eriel by Inka Mathew

Medallion (v.3) by NEXQUNYX

Lionheart health Logo by Q Manning

Luvleo by Benjamin Kalic

Credilion by Konrad Kochanik

Russell Hardwood Floors by Eric Ressler

Mithril Clothing by Bartek Bojarczuk

Nature protection organization by Yuri Galitsyn

Lambert by Januar Chang

BRAVE IDEAS by Sinan Gharaibeh

ions & Lions by almosh82

Uberlion by John Mascarenhas

Lion Art by Peter Vasvari

Light Lion by Veep

Lionade by baspixel

LION by Peter Vasvari

Lionhut by LogoGuppy

Leonine by ApatiniDesign

LeoToy by Adrian Szejn


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