Photography Showcase – Bridges

Whether it is an old stony bridge or a modern hi-tech viaduct, made of steel and iron, the traditional definition of these common engineering components of road system seems too narrow to express all the meaning artists have always seen in such magnificent and imposing creations of architectural genius, as bridges. Joining two banks of the river or running across the deepest canyons, many bridges turned into easily recognized symbols of the whole epochs, cities, and countries. Tower Bridge in London, Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida, Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Magdeburg Water Bridge, Coronado Bridge in San Diego – the list of cool bridges is virtually endless.

It is not surprising that photographers often choose bridges as the center points for their art photography works. With the appropriate angle, light and backgrounds, even a small bridge somewhere in the park, can appear as a real masterpiece on the photo. Additional artistic value can be added to bridge photography by digital rendering of the photo and applying multiple visual effects – from increasing the contrast to changing the color spectrum of the source image file. There is also much symbolism in bridge photography. It often represents the idea that connection is always possible even between the seemingly incompatible objects. Old or even ancient bridges may represent the historical heritage of a particular country or nation, while modern bridges symbolize the progress, where technology and art work together to produce artful creations, capable of serving two purposes – practical and aesthetic one.

HDR Bridge by Jennifer Burwell

Light at the end of bridge by Igor Brautovic

The Golden Gate Bridge by YadiYasin

Bridge by Lars Klottrup

Bridge to Nowhere… by Doug Roane

Bridge to Mysterie by b.neeleman

Vasco da Gama bridge by Pedro Inacio

Under bridge by frivera

Bridge to Nowhere 2 by Shahbaz Majeed

Lisboa – Sunrise on Vasco da Gama Bridge :: HDR by Raul Pires Coelho

Manhattan Bridge HDR / SML by See-ming Lee

Royal Bridge (HDR / Photo Art) by Larry Chua

Tower Bridge HDR @ Sunset by Michele Pincanelli

Desert Shores Bridge 2-HDR by Björn Burton

Bridge of the Gods 2 – Cascade Locks Oregon – HDR by David Gn

Devorgilla Bridge HDR by Paul Stevenson

Three Bridges HDR by Kurt Konrad

Humber River Pedestrian Bridge – HDR by Gregory Pleau

Millenium Bridge HDR by William Hawkins

Colorado Street Bridge HDR by DisneyKrayzie

HDR bridge by krugerin50

Bay Bridge HDR by photomato

St Johns Bridge HDR Vertorama by Sarah Lynch

Quays Bridge HDR-Edit by David Owens

Butterfly Bridge (HDR) by psyentist_2000

Wood Bridge HDR by Max Ben Riddick

Bridge View HDR 1 by Andy Kent

Charles Bridge by Xaime Villar

Color Park Bridge by HMM

Island Bridge by Xavier Rey

Aerial road by Takashi

Bridge in fog by Roumi

Skyway by jure

Moon Shadow Bridge by HaYoi

Bridge by Agus Kencana Putra

A bridge too far by Adrian Donoghue

Crackin’ Bridge by mitchy81

Confederation bridge by xiebu

Bridge in the fog by Prudkov

Il Ponte by Enrico Celesti

Apollo bridge by Miroslav Cik

Bridge by Bror Johansson

Dawn over the bridge by Eric Doll

Dream bridge by Erik Simonic

The Bridge by Alex Teselsky

Valentines Bridge by Martin Uglow

Bridge to nowhere by Alexander Mikhailenko

Railway bridge 2 HDR by dzlr123

Mystic bridge by José Ribeiro

Bridge over the Falls by La-Vita-a-Bella

Bridge of Death by Mart1980

Bridge HDR by nyy

Stone bridge by Vaggelis Fragiadakis

St. Johns Bridge, II by coulombic

Bridge over Jungle by Yury Prokopenko

Brooklyn Bridge at Night, NYC by Andrew Mace

Castlefield Bridges by darren_caf

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur [EXPLORED] by Feby Denahon

Chicago’s Moving Bridges over the Chicago River by Matt Maldre

Forth Rail Bridge @ Sunset – Scotland by Angus Clyne

Bridge Sign by Miroslav Petrasko

Under the Bridge by Miroslav Petrasko

Apollo Bridge by Miroslav Petrasko

Vertigo by Miroslav Petrasko

HDR – bridge from beach by Zain Kapasi

Broklyn Bridge just after a wild storm HDR by leefie

Harrisburg Bridge [HDR] by Dean Michael Dorman



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