Industrial Photography – A Tribute to Progress

Industrial Photography – A Tribute to Progress

The sceneries of large industrial facilities, construction sites, and images of giant equipments, pipelines, chimneys, tanks, etc. have always inspired artists to create visual works, commonly tagged as “industrial”. Industrial photography is one of the most common forms of such art, where particular manufacturing or production surroundings are at sharp focus. Whether it is a modern, highly technological plant with the definite signs of rapid progress and constant motion apparently expressed by its even smallest detail or, on the contrary, an abandoned quarry, where the time itself seems to be frozen and stiff, – an eye of a skillful photographer can always find the particular angle, where an industrial scene can be turned into an artful panorama with highlighted focus and meaningful details at the sidelines.

Industrial photography is capable of provoking the most vivid emotions, ranging from the pride in human evolution and technological achievements to the shame at the horrible environmental consequences of industrial revolution. Many of the industrial photographs were meant to show people that very long price, which not only present but all the consecutive generations will have to pay for our “experimenting” with nuclear energy, devastating natural resources, and trying to interfere with the natural course of life on planet Earth. Blinded with financial or social revenues of industrial progress, we often miss the real value and price of our progress. Thanks to its ability to “freeze” the moment, photography offers us a chance to reconsider the situation, object, or event, and get to the true quintessence of the scene.

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