Monkey Logo Designs and Ideas

Designing a logo is very much about symbolism. Every time, a designer develops a concept of the logo for a particular company, he makes his best to choose the graphical elements that would express efficiently the company’s profile, specification, strategy, or values. Using animal images on logos is a very popular practice, when it is necessary to put a symbol of a particular feature or trait on a logo. Choosing an animal depends on certain characteristics, a particular animal is widely and commonly associated with. For example, an owl is a symbol of wisdom, a tiger personifies strength and energy, and dog can represent friendship and loyalty.

Monkey is another popular character, commonly used in logo design. Funny and witty, monkeys are often chosen as the key element of the logo for a variety of companies – from toy factories to kid restaurants and to online services and computer programs. Monkeys are always funny; they are smart and nimble; besides, some people believe they are our closest relatives among all the other living beings on Earth. Thus, putting a monkey image on a logo, a designer creates a distinct and strong link between the mentioned traits and a company, which will use such logo in its daily operations. Below we would like to show you some examples of monkey logo designs, where all types of monkey images were used by designers to represent different businesses.

Monkey Business by b4kp4u

Booda Bellie by Junian

Infinite Monkey Press by Fame Foundry

Ghengis by Wildwise Studio

Yellow Monkey by William

Mownkey by Efragoso

Pomekey by TriangleWrap

Pack Chimp by Jerron

Monkey by Jveres

The Coupon Junkie by ColoredBean

Monkychat by Simak82

01 electric monkey by S Carducci

Apetive by Graphic Identity

Voodoo Monkey by J Garner Design

Monkeybiz by Almosh82

Propane Monkey by Ungureanu Claudiu

Geek Monkey by J.T. Knight


Hired Monkey

Logo Monkey by Brett Nation

LogoMonkey by EstweenOnFire

Mad Monkey by Ömer Uysal

Sock Monkey Software – USA by Shing0o

Badass Monkee by Mario Jacome

Coconut Joe logo design by Robert

Blue Baboon Creative Byaldrich

ABCDEFG monkey InStudio

Funky Monkey redF

Monkey MascotDesigner

Monkey Immo0~

Moncheeky Blueii

Primate Love William

Coffeemonkey LGDesign

Monkee Argee

Silent Monkey by George Bokhua

Cheeky Monkeys by Stock-Design

Monki Lab by Reghardt


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