Natural Disaster: an Act of God or the Schemes of Devil?

In English language “an act of God” is a legal term, which is used to define natural disasters, which happen with no human intervention and are completely outside of their control. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides – all of these are examples of natural disasters, causing environmental, financial and, not rarely, human losses… If it is an act of God, what does it mean – the divine scourge for our sins, a reminder about the supreme power, or it is just one of the imminent components of the universe order, which keeps the scales between Good and Evil in balance? Let philosophers discuss this dilemma and find the reasonable explanation to it… With this post our goal is to give you visual illustrations of the extreme power of Nature in wrath and the terrible consequences of such natural disasters.

Some of the photographs of natural calamities, presented in this showcase, can terrify and increase the heartbeat. Though, this is only a tiny fraction of the feelings and emotional load, one goes through while being in the epicenter of the infuriated Nature. All of these pictures of natural disasters should not only be treated as the evidence of the supreme and omnipercipient power of God or Nature (whatever you choose based on your beliefs); while looking at the pictures below we suggest you remember that God is also all-forgiving and even the hardest storm will end with the beautiful rainbow… Maybe an act of God is just an extreme chance for people to respond in their turn with an act of Man and prove that mutual help and support, sympathy and kindness, self-sacrifice and love still remain at the core of the human soul…

Danger on the Horizon by Bob Cross

Twister by Peter Hofstetter

Campo, Colorado tornado of 31 May 2010 by Matt Clark

Southeast Colorado tornado 3 by Matt Clark

Tornado Waterspout by MaldenDj

Tornado by kristinalily

Tornado, Oct-10-2006, Greece, Leros by docfalo

‘Tornado Maker’ by brandonj74

Tornado in Paradise, Senggigi Beach Lombok Indonesia by Fadil Basymeleh

Tornado. by Ismail Eren

TORNADO by Ismail Eren

Tornado Warning… by Dravagan

Hurricane Katrina Eye viewed from Hurricane Hunter by 敏

Images of Hurricane by Mike Hollingshead

Bulker approaching Hurricane Isabelle by Unknown

Severe weather during hurricane by Florida Memory

1954 (08-31) Brooklyn, Belt Parkway near 72nd St, Hurricane Carol by straatis

Hurricane Felix (NASA, International Space Station Science, 09/03/07) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

Dumas lightning 2 by Matt Clark

Apocalypse by Jordi Gallego

Thunderbolt over the sea by nini_filippini

Storm Chase by Doug Roane

Canyon Storm by Doug Roane

Ribbon lightning hits a tree by Przemyslaw Wielicki

The Anger of Zeus by Pedro Pais

Lightning Storm – Photo PB9984 by Peter Bolman

Lightnings by Luis Romero

Bolt from the Black by Andrew Styan

Lightning by Przemyslaw Wielicki

Lightning Hunter by desexign

Tsunami picture #2 by Jennifer Benson

Earthquake and tsunami in Chile by IFRC

Tsunami area Banda Aceh 013_13 by IFRC

Tsunami Wave Malaysia Penang 2nd Wave rolling towards Tanjung Bungah and T.Tokong Beaches by TsunamiPenang

Boxing Day Tsunami: Run for Your Life by Alan Chan

RR train caught in flood, Austin (LOC) by The Library of Congress

Atlanta is Flooded… by Rashard&Erika

Flooding in Chehalis, WA by Bruce Ely

Flooding in Chehalis, WA by Bruce Ely

Manila flooding Sept 26, 2009 by Brandon Hoover

The San Francisco Earthquake: The Ruins Of City Hall In The Distance, Looking Southeast From The Vicinity Of Nob Hill by Unknown

San Francisco Earthquake: The Ruins Of City Hall by Unknown

Christchurch Earthquake Damage – 4/9/2010 by Sebastien Krebs

Christchurch Earthquake Damage – 4/9/2010 by Sebastien Krebs

Earthquake in Islamabad by Muzaffar Bukhari

China, Yingxiu, Sichuan – earthquake by Nick Kozak

Haiti Earthquake 2010 by American Red Cross

Haiti Earthquake by UN Development Programme

Haiti Earthquake by UN Development Programme

Haiti Earthquake by UN Development Programme

SR 410 Nile Valley Landslide (west of Naches) by WSDOT

Landslide cuts off No.3 freeway, Taiwan by REUTERS

Landslide cuts off No.3 freeway, Taiwan by PATRICK LIN/AFP/Getty Images

Landslide across Hwy 16, Terrace BC by Unknown

SR 410 Nile Valley Landslide – Oct. 2009 by WSDOT

Devastating Aftermath of Deadly Landslide in Northern Pakistan by Shared Interest

Forest fire Stellenbosch 2009 feb by Sören W

Montana wildfire, forest fire by Chris Lombardi

Forest fire at Bukit Batok by Parka81

Joel Building Fire by vmf-214

Building on Fire by idigit_teddy

Fire at the Wirt Dexter Building by BitHead

Man and Fire by wb-skinner

Fire by Johan Emterling

Fire and Ice by Mitchell Krog

Mt. St. Helens eruption. May 18, 1980 by Don Wilson/The Oregonian

YEARENDER 2009-TONGA-VOLCANO by Lothar Slabon/AFP/Getty Images

Mt St Helens Erupting with Mt Rainier behind by orclimber

Black Mountain – Eyjafjallajökull Eruption by Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

Stromboli Eruption by Thomas Reichart

Fimmvörðuháls Eruption 2010 by James Appleton

Merapi by Karolus Naga

Eyjafjallajokull Eruption, Iceland April 18, 2010 by Ragnar Sigurdsson

East Coast Ice Storm- Canada by Tony Rusinak

Tulsa Ice Storm… by Scott Pope

Ice Storm – Power Lines by Kayakman

Snowstorm in Helsinki by Niklas Sjöblom

Lexington Ky Ice Storm by Gene Williams

Blizzard 2010 by Scott Moody

Blizzard by D Zaglio

Blizzard – Faroe Islands – HDR by Høgni Joensen

Frantic Digging by GlacierTim

Avalanche at Wellington, March 1910 by Stevens Pass

After avalanche by Cezary Modzelewski

Avalanche iii by digitalia

Avalanche off Pik Pobedy (Пик Побе́ды, 7439m) by S_Peter

US2 – Clearing the East Gaynor Avalanche by WSDOT

Avalanche!!!!!!!!! by Andrew Walker


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