Science Fiction Worlds – Inspired by the Power of Dreams

Always trying to imagine or even predict what the future of planet Earth is going to be, always curious about how the other worlds and planets may look like, designers of the science fiction art offer their individual visions of the human kind further evolution and other civilizations existence. Multiple examples of such creative work are presented in our Science Fiction Worlds showcase below.

Each illustration is unique and special, each of them depicts and reflects the thoughts and emotions of a graphic designer; yet, all of them have something in common: science fiction worlds are represented with sophisticated architecture, where hundred-storeyed buildings tower above the clouds right into the skies, unbelievable cars and flying vehicles soar among the sky-scrapers, and the bright orange light of the setting sun, glowing through the mist and smog that cover the cities, creates the atmosphere of doom and darkness, emphasizing the shadows of the buildings and gloomy appearance of the cities.

It seems vegetation and life itself is almost extinct in those imaginary worlds, and even the time stands still; nevertheless, we feel as if millions of cities inhabitants must potter about somewhere inside those technically stuffed houses, each doing his best to return to those past days when the nature was flourishing with colors, pure and transparent air, and multiple living creatures. Finally, some illustrations’ crucial image is the figure of a lonely wonderer, who, we feel, must be the one to save the civilization and lead it back to its days of glory…

Flight To The Blue Tower by Stefan Morrell

Sakura by Stefan Morrell

Arch City by Stefan Morrell

The Inevitable by Stefan Morrell

The City Glow by Stefan Morrell

Arizona Bay by Stefan Morrell

The Majestic by Stefan Morrell

Sci-fi Sunrise by Stefan Morrell

A Brighter Cleaner Future by Stefan Morrell

Alpine Village by Stefan Morrell

The Valley by Stefan Morrell

Station C43 by James Paick

Refinery Train by James Paick

Construction by James Paick

Agua place by James Paick

Nest Ground by James Paick

Underwater World by James Paick

Wasteland by James Paick

Skyport by JIm Maxwell

Pakal Sinkhole: Palenque Excavation by JIm Maxwell

Battlefield by Dragos Jieanu

TerraNova by Dragos Jieanu

End of the day by Wei Ming

Starship factory by Andree Wallin

The Valley of Towers by Zsolt Rákay

Sci-fi city by Won-jun Tae

Mass Effect 2 – Citadel by Mikko Kinnunen

Encompass by Jonathan Ryder

Launch Portal concept by Dan Wheaton

South Road crash by Ruben Darío Karamañites Arango

Future City by Thomas Pringle

Prison break by Ioan Dumitrescu

Teraforming by Ioan Dumitrescu

Queen of Candasce by Ioan Dumitrescu

Last chance by Ioan Dumitrescu

New times by Ioan Dumitrescu

Star pirates by Ioan Dumitrescu

Exile by Ioan Dumitrescu

Underwater by Ioan Dumitrescu

Carrier Assault by Mike McCain

Space journey by Jama Jurabaev

Air traffic by Jama Jurabaev

Angkor by Worakarn Kaewchaiyo

NMP-City by Worakarn Kaewchaiyo

The Last Day by Bence Kresz

Winter Base by Bence Kresz

Come by Florian Renner

Far away from earth by Gary Jamroz

Lightning cave by Gary Jamroz

Beyond Bifröst by Gary Jamroz

Mining Colony Alpha by Saul Espinosa

Eridu by Saul Espinosa

Phoenix Rising by Christian Hecker

Epica by Christian Hecker

Elysia by Christian Hecker

Mech Attack by Chris Legaspi

Time off by Rasmus Berggreen

Mission Complete by Dusty Crosley

Central Core by Fabio Barretta Zungrone

Flying Saucer by Marc Simonetti

Empyrean Age by Björn Börkur Eiríksson

Industrial Outpost by Björn Börkur Eiríksson

Mines by Björn Börkur Eiríksson

Bombardment by Björn Börkur Eiríksson


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