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Multiple companies all over the world make use of graphic logos, which are actually their emblems, to attract the attention of the possible customers or consumers and become easily recognized in the minds of people. Used in all the types of advertising, logos gradually become associated with a particular brand or trademark.

Some logos are purely graphic, consisting of a symbol only; however, in view of the rapid modern industry and economic development and thus the existence of millions of companies, many of them choose to present their names along with an icon/symbol on their logos. As a result, the symbol makes a perfect, eye-catching, and easy-to-understand description of the company’s specialization, while its name will definitely remains in the minds of the viewers.

The showcase below offers the visitors of Cruzine magazine a collection of real estate companies’ logos. The absolute majority of them are made up as a combination of a symbol and a name of a company. No wonder that practically every logo contains an image of a house on it, which ensures overcoming of any language barriers and helps every viewer understand the profile of the organization.

The boundless graphic art designers’ imagination pictures the houses in all the possible forms and shapes, letting us only amaze at their creativity and ensuring the good piece of inspiration for all those searching for the new ideas in logo design creation.

Megaimobiliare by gcm

Saunders by Mike Erickson

Homethink by Carlos Perez

Habifamiliar by nsu

Cerco Casa by Mattia Moretto

GMC Homes by gregschmigel

Lares Real Estate by Karla Peña by Mattia Moretto

ALR by EmLiam

Bittner Properties by Darren Gould

Tei Real Estate by Vasar Edmond

Northridge Homes by OcularInk

Gaddis Partners by Jerron Ames

United Arabian Real Estate by Ahmed Ashraf

Agiliant by slemp

Homeburbia by matjak

HAUSCHAT by matjak

Ingatlan Expert by Istvan Toth

Delmar by Ervin Esen

Torres Fence by chestor

West Coast Signature Homes by Ashlea

Jedrykowa Sadyba by Konrad Kochanik

Broadstone Financial by Jerron Ames

Elysium Skies by willhowe

Miller Homes 2 by Jeffrey Devey

Pistilli 2 by Srdjan Kirtic

Global Real Estate by

OpenBook Realty by nyxxie

Houseclip Housing by Houston-we

House Hold by un_mestizo

Diamond City by Stanislav Levin

DraftHome by Bojan Stefanovic

Design House by Martys

Treehouse by dullove

NewHouse by Inka Mathew

ColorHouse by serdar

Amelia Beach Condos by Ectomachine

Sphira by jueves

My City 360 by entz

House logo by snail-girl

Poortinga_logo by Mircea Vlad

Home Mart by Alan Gunning


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