HDR Animals Images – Erasing the Line between Reality and Imaging

Dynamic range in photography is what stands behind the commercial term “contrast ratio” or the ratio between the brightest and the darkest parts of the image or a device for capturing or displaying images. For comparison, paper dynamic range equals to about 100:1 ratio, that of a plasma display is about 5000:1, and the dynamic range of a real-life environment can be estimated with the ration up to 100000:1. High dynamic range or HDR photography strives for reaching the contrast as close to reality as the most progressive technical means allow. That is why, HDR photographs always look very real to human eye, featuring high color depth, exceptional detailing, and almost perfect distinction between bright and dark parts of the image.

To show you the present achievements in HDR photography, Cruzine prepared this showcase with animals images. Nature is the most gifted and talented artist ever known on Earth. Variety of colors, shapes, and textures, created by Nature, still remains at an unbeatable record level for human artists. However, centuries of our evolution did help us to approach the highest standards, set by Nature. Today, HDR photography represents one of the most progressive imaging techniques. Looking at the HDR photos, such as those, collected below, creates the feeling of looking at the real-life objects and sceneries. Photography, perhaps, has never been so close to reality as it is now, thanks to such powerful techniques as HDR imaging. Cruzine welcomes all our readers to view this gallery of animals HDR images and enjoy the power of photography progress and evolution.

Bull by Tim Heffernan

My HDR / DRI Tutorial by Ryan Eng

Muuuu… What are you looking at? .: HDR :. by Sharky_MB

Mexican Wolf – HDR Version by _Allen_

Horsing around with HDR again by Tanya Puntti

Scottish Highland Cattle (HDR) – Philadelphia Zoo by Gregg Obst

Horse HDR by DracAnn

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” by Dave DiCello

“Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thoughts.” by Dave DiCello

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.” by Dave DiCello

Alone – Seul 03 by cyanne3′s

horse HDR by Lauren Metcalfe

The pig and the horse by Jorge Tarlea

Resting HDR by Desire Rodriguez

Giraffe – HDR Version by _Allen_

Blondiecoo_HDR by alpha deux cents

Puppy Bullmastiff HDR by jarula29

Seagull – HDR by ~Dezz~

Charlie the Pony – HDR by Aaron Coulton

Lake George Zebras HDR by Steve Passlow

White Tiger ~HDR~ by Tania Steffens

The Pelican – HDR by Artie Ng

Roar! – White Tiger ::HDR:: by Tania Steffens

HDR Lioness by Jonnyfez

Horse at Cosley Animal Park by Wendy Piersall

Horse by Dylan Kitchener

HDR Cow by Tambako the Jaguar

Birdy_HDR by Lovas Imre

An HDR cat by Tom Bowe

Horseplay by MisterSimbol

I’m relaxed now by Iván Maigua

[HDR] Leopard by peterymlee

Parot hdr final by Robert Bogan

HDR TIGER by peircetrainor

Camel Couple by Jörg Dickmann

Darmouth Pony HDR by Adam Barnard

Dog HDR by Steve Collin

Chautauqua Horses HDR by Sean Swatsky

Tiger Cat – HDR by Mae B.

Curious Cow by vxside

Graze by Dennis Chunga

One Cow by Megglles

How now brown cow by Chris Cuthbert

Donkey – HDR by the4Dcreative

Pyramids 2 – HDR by Ageel Alluhaibi

Toad -HDR by John Rory DIvino, jr.

Lion king by skunkhead

Ostritch HDR by KeeperOfLight

Rubi HDR by felven

Elephant HDR by Edam

HDR Bulldog by Feeferlump

Sunset cow by tweeny

Camera shy.. by doctorAG

Dog-HDR by Tim Dobbs

HDR Dog by Rob Vreeland

Dog tired hdr by Bruno Ottavi

My dog in hdr by Owen Schumacher

Mad Max by scooby53

Hector The Dog HDR by dkforeva

Smiling Donkey by Massimo Regonati


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