HDR Photography – Landscapes

Visual artists, such as painters and photographers, have always strived for portraying surrounding objects as close as possible to the originals. Painters developed multiple drawing techniques, and photographers developed HDR or high dynamic range imaging in order to reflect all the vast range of contrast on the landscape photographs. Showing both the lightest and the darkest parts of the landscape, HDR scenery photographs are among the brightest and the most artistic representatives of the modern photography art, attracting more and more attention of the wide audience and art critics.

There are two basic approaches to HDR imaging – computer-based photo rendering, when the raw image, received by digital camera, is edited with the means, offered by modern photo editors, such as Photoshop, for example, and merging of multiple photographs into one HDR image. In the latter case, a photographer usually makes several shots with different EV values (from -2 to +2) and then merges them into one, again using photo editing software.

Cosmiques viewpoint by Alexandre Buisse

Huayhuash sunset by Alexandre Buisse

Huayhuash by Alexandre Buisse

Midi by Alexandre Buisse

Landscape by Levent Mungan

Just another by Marcus Claesson

Just another II by Marcus Claesson

Sky, water – rocks! by Marcus Claesson

The boat and the sunset by Roger Arleryd

Fairytale River by Roger Arleryd

The Valley by Roger Arleryd

Winter Coastal Landscape :: HDR by Thomas Russ Arnestad

HDR Landscape by Marcel Stawiczny

Snow Landscape by Erik Söderström

Lake, Stowe Landscape Gardens by J H B

Landscape Arch HDR by rovingmagpie

Surreal Landscape HDR by Rafa Magallanes

HDR Desert Landscape, Mojave National Preserve, California by Thad

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

HDR landscape by Paul

Landscape HDR – Galapagos by Brian Matthew Lewis

Penang Port | HDR by Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

HDR Portugal landscape by Rudolf James

Landscape – HDR by Marco Galletto

Rays of life – HDR – Madonna della Riva – Cuneo by Marco Galletto

Lake Lavon HDR Landscape by Thomas and Lynn

Cloudy Blanket HDR by Schoebs

Romantic landscape, Wilanów :: HDR by Prof. Pixel

HDR – Iceland Landscape by Dirk Paessler

Landscape Al-Taif (HDR) by Laser_ 707

Rushop HDR Landscape 1 by Ezra Hill

Grand Teton HDR Landscape by Peter Walkowiak

HDR landscape by Laura Goins

HDR Landscape by Elena Norbiato

Landscape in HDR by fwesterhof

Landscape in the sun by fwesterhof

Great view by Chaval Brasil

River House Landscape – Carton House – HDR Texture by Barry O Carroll

Sunrise Landscape, Maynooth HDR by Barry O Carroll

California Rockin’ by James Neeley

HDR landscape 2 by Roy Cernohorsky

Snow Landscape 2 by Erik Söderström

HDR Landscape by Buly

HDR Landscape by Freddie Hansen

HDR – Landscape in Baad by Arne Matthews

Procida Evening Panoramic by Gabriele Scotto di Fasano

HDR Sunset by Yury Prokopenko

River House Reflection Landscape (Carton House, Maynooth) by Barry O Carroll

Fiery Furnace HDR, Purple Sunset by Gaelen Sayres

[HDR] Balini landscape by Taddeo Zacchini

Panoramic View – Formentera coast by Gabriele Scotto

Kirkjufellsfoss by Dylan Toh

HDR Lake district landscape 2 by Mojo

My first HDR by Marina & Enrique

The Big Rocks of Klamath Beach | HDR by David Giral

Landscape-HDR by Mike

What dreams may come HDR by Khánh Duy Nguyễn

Sunset Over Crystal Springs Lake – HDR by David Gn

Revealing What’s Beneath – HDR by James Neeley

Working with Layers by James Neeley

Snow Field by James Neeley

The Hope of Spring by James Neeley

HDR landscape Luxemburg by M-Mick3y

Utah Landscape HDR by Karen Kaiser

Frosty landscape in HDR by Matthew Searle

Scattered Rocks by Chito Francisco

Columbia Gorge – HDR by David Gn

Landscape in Bragg Creek Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada (HDR) by Steven List

HDR Red Sky At Night… by Michael Couchman

32 Bit True Color HDR by ISIK MATER

Phoenix at dusk by Rob Overcash

HDR Chalet by Thierry Warichet

224 km of a pure rush adrenalin ride in a neglected Biblical landscape

Chendering 01 — HDR by David Cheok

Railroad Track on the Columbia River Gorge by David Gn

Green Cay Wetlands Sunset 01 by Kim Seng

Skyline Sunset HDR Landscape by Paul Giani

Rossbeigh Strand by Hauke Steinberg

Andaman Sunset – Khao Lak, Thailand by Klaus Herrmann

The Hut – Krabi, Thailand (HDR) by Klaus Herrmann

O the sun came out fun in this one by derektabq

ABQ Thunder HDR by derektabq

Sunrise at Trillium Lake, Oregon 5 by David Gn

Lava Flow Sunset by James Neeley

Sunrise on a small lake by Luca Cesari

Waiting for the light… Sunrise at Moraine Lake by Etherflyer

Seeking Antelope Island – HDR Vertorama by James Neeley

A gate of color by Rob Orthen

Wood Afternoon Vertorama by Dimitris Avramidis

Dreaming HDR by Ayşe Selen

Winter World HDR by Anubis-Myr

Dinkel River HDR by Jon

Landscape… vII by Robin Koomen

Moldefjorden HDR by Oddbjørn Kvalvik

Augrabies Falls HDR by Wirld

World in my eyes by Adam

Landscape 10 by Mikko Lönnberg

Messed up HDR by MisterDedication

At Day’s End by Kkart

Sunset lookout – reworked by Zsolt Zsigmond

Hungarian skies pt.LIV by Zsolt Zsigmond

Loch Sunset by Tareq

Tree Of Light by LowApproach

Nature belongs to everyone by Hugo Naneix

Stripped Bare by Tony Taffinder

Sky is on fire by Andreas

Skyline Arch – HDR Panorama by William Church

Metate Arch by William Church


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