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In 1940th Life magazine’s cover featured nuclear explosion photographic picture, made by Charles Wyckoff. That was the first example of high dynamic range imaging; and the popularity of this photographic technique continues to grow gradually these days thanks to the incredible artistic effects of the HDR images. Cruzine has prepared this showcase of vintage cars HDR images to get you familiar with this specific trend of modern photography art, stemming from the ideas and experiments of the greatest photographers of the 20th century.

By general definition, HDR or high dynamic range imaging refers to a specific photography technique, which allows a photographer to achieve greater dynamic ranges of luminance between the darkest and the lightest parts on the photograph in comparison to a standard dynamic range. HDR imaging is a step forward to developing absolutely new imaging techniques, that will better comply with the physical abilities of human sight (human eyes can, actually, perceive the surrounding world’s objects in a huge dynamic range, which still remains unreachable for modern imaging devices and media). That is why, HDR photography is sometimes said to be “scene-referred” in comparison to “device-referred” traditional digital photography.

The following gallery of HDR photographs feature vintage automobiles. This presentation gives you a chance not only to see a high visual contrast on the photographs, but also feel that great conceptual contrast, dividing older cars from today’s modern vehicles. So, let’s move now from the theory to the showcase itself. Take your time and enjoy the HDR imaging!

Vintage Garage by Steve Arens

Ford Fairlane by Steve Arens

Black & Red by Brandon Ballesteros

El Guapo by Sven Fennema

Rust Away by Sven Fennema

Corvette_UC by AlongtheTrailPhoto

Old car in Palo Alto by Fkoehn

Bodie California Ghost Town by Bettina Woolbright

Hdr Chevelle 396 by Don & Tonya Christner

Truck by Kylebum

59 Cadillac by Richard Hawkins

Salute to the 40s Weekend by Simon Foot

Oldtimer by Marie-Claire Hunter

Vintage Beetle HDR by Declan Colohan

Taxi by Marcus Baker

Painted Vintage Citroen by Neil L

GB Car HDR by Francesco Giunta

Express Delivery by AdeL

Vintage Pontiac by Gali Montalbo

RAM 037 :: HDR by Artie Ng

Blast from the past! (“Vintage” ’56 Chevy) by Cameron Thompson

Powermaster by Richard Hawkins

Vintage Car HDR by Dave Krugman

CHEVY BAL AIR HDR by Eclipse Supremo

Austin-Healey by Brad Truxell

Citroën SM in HDR by Hamish Grant

Classic Car 1 by Chris

Old Red by Gabster

Old meet’s new by Rubberducky007

Back in Time by Stephen Hollingsworth

La Cincociento Rossa by Giuseppe Lambertino

Bluefin by big_pixel_pusher

Cars of Cuba – Almendrones by Jola & Yadiel Aguiar

Don’t ya wish your car was hot like me… by Michael Coe

Paddock Basher by Matthew Batten

Vintage Cars by Steve Arens

Lord Grey II by Kris Kros

Cougar POUNCE by Stryder

Old School Challenger by Michael Coe

With one headlight… by Zack Vitiello

Lincoln Corner by Lukas Kummer

Spider net by Kaj Bjurman

Aston Martin by Steve Arens

American Muscle by Steve Arens

Super by Steve Arens

Creal Springs, Il. by Steve Arens

Ford Tudor by Steve Arens

Nash by Steve Arens

1941 FORD DELUXE with Clouds by Tim Heffernan

Dis N’ Dat by Andy Beal

’56 Century by Mike Foote

Lil Red Chev by Mike Foote

Kings Park Vintage by johankok77

The Blue Bomber by figment

Oldsmobile eighty-eight 1958 by Eclipse Supremo

Citroën Traction Avant, Colonia, Uruguay by Thad

Nice rear end by Tom Check

Vintage Police Car by Karim

HEW802 by Marko Vizek

1956 Buick Special HDR by Eclipse Supremo

Custom Truck HDR by Eclipse Supremo

1968 ford mustang HDR by Eclipse Supremo

1934 Ford Three by Eclipse Supremo


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