Fine Nude Art – A Provocative or the Most Honest Art?

Some people say there is a very thin line, dividing fine nude art or erotic photography from pornography. However, for the artists, working in the nude art segment, and for fine art fans the distinction between these two notions is vast and obvious. Of course, viewing fine nude photographs does arouse basic human instincts, such as sexuality. However, primordial beauty of the human body, its perfection and pureness still remain at the key focus on nude photographs. Even naked human body still has so many secrets unrevealed. Maybe, it is because the body itself is the clothing for a soul…

Unfortunately, the attitude of the mass audience towards nude art is spoiled by many social prejudices, religious dogmas, and fake moral principles. Though, there is much more pureness and honesty in fine nude photography than, for example, in politics or trade. People, who understand this, can understand the real artistic value of fine nude art, looking far beyond and seeing much more than female breasts on such photos. Nude photography often accentuates emotions and feelings. Look deeply into the eyes of the models and you will see the whole new world with love and sufferings, joy and sorrow, and true uncovered sexuality, of course.

Untitled by Matthieu Soudet

Bed stories by Bugaev Boris

The heart by Tom Lanzrath

Voler by Michel Feugeas

Crownless by Anca Cernoschi

Tamara by memex

On the sea coast by Vilmars Katlaps

Haunted love by Andreea Retinschi

Nude portrait by Stanimir Luchkov

Photo by Daria Endresen

Flexible by Thomas Doering

Noelle by Jan Doef

Apples by Imants Silkans

Twosome by Herbert Wannhoff

Mermaid by Mecuro B Cotto

Trio by Bogomolov Denis

Donation by Bogomolov Denis

At second glance by Thomas Doering

In the Dark by Yofianto Soetono

? by blende666

Freedom is the expance underneath our wings by Vitaly Sokol aka Willyam Bradberry

Betty by MaXu

Lines and other curves by Dan Comaniciu

Hanging out by Thomas Doering

FENNIXXX by Rafael Felix

Walk by Trond Andersen

Symmetry by Herbert Wannhoff

Golden Glow by Ryan Pream

The Constant by idani

Harmony 02 by Bartek Gasiorek

Rocking Akt by Herbert Wannhoff

Beatriz by Lasse Grundell

Sleeping Goddess by Barbara Taurua

Close to myself (III) by Ingo Dumreicher

Close to myself (I) by Ingo Dumreicher

Curl by Mick Waghorne

Pure by Thomas Doering

Shower by Björn Oldsen

Crossover by Thomas Doering

Silence by Claas Michalik

01 by MORFI

Mira by Scott A. Foltz

No cloud, a sleepy calm by Andreas Puhl

Upside down by Thomas Doering

Since you’re gone … by Marcus Maly-Motta

Ground by Thomas Doering

Classic by Thomas Doering

Covered by Thomas Doering

Ellen by Thomas Doering

Gold by Carsten Witte

Ballet Calendar of Deutsche Oper am Rhein by Klaus Kampert

Dyptichs by Carsten Witte

Black&White and some Gold by Carsten Witte


Not at Right Angles by Klaus Kampert

Beauty and Nudes by Oliver Regueiro

Daniel Elliot Photography by Daniel Elliot

Mona Johannesson by Jimmy Backius

Masha Rudenko by Robert Sigler

Greg Kadel — photography by Greg Kadel

Nun Head by Sebastian Faena

Ashley Smith by Greg Gex

Natalia K. by Maria Eriksson

Tania O: Kitten Magazine V6 (NSFW) by Jonathan Segade

Taryn Andreatta by Akiss Paraskevopoulos

Teenage Dream by Taylor James

Purple Fashion no. 14 by Glen Luchford

Last light from the summer sun by Jesse Laitinen

Grandmother’s House by Mark Viszlay

2pm agency model showcards by Henrik Adamsen

V Magazine – V66 by Glen Luchford and Mark Abrahams

Another day in the usa by Bec Parsons @ Company1 and Bartolomeo Celestino

Shannan Click: Woman Magazine June 2010 by Hunter & Gatti

Hercules Spring 2010 by Paola Kudacki

Taryn Andreatta: Love magazine homage by Akiss Paraskevopoulos

Marloes Horst by Hans de Vries

Anja Rubik: Vogue Paris April 2010 by Hedi Slimane

Rebecca Hiller: Mirage magazine #2 by Laurence Ellis

Charlotte Kemp Muhl: S magazine #10 by David Roemer

Emily Blake: S magazine #8 by Chris Fortuna

Abbey Lee Kershaw: Muse #20 by Greg Kadel

Eniko Mihalik in Vogue Paris November 2009 by Cedric Buchet

Vogue Australia – September 2009 – Catherine McNeil and Abbey Lee Kershaw by Greg Kadel

Marie Claire Italia – June 2009 by Unknown

Marie Claire Italy – May 2009 – Pace dei Sensi by Mel Karch

Purple #11 – Spring/Summer 2009 by Mario Sorrenti


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