Funny Faces – It’s Time to Smile

It is a generally known fact that smiling makes people not only more attractive, sincere, and pleasant, but it also makes them happier by loading a human body with the portion of endorphin, also known as the hormone of happiness. By the way, other ways of getting this hormone in your blood is to exercise, to have a spicy meal, or to have an orgasm ;-). We, at Cruzine, are always ready to do our best in making our readers happier. That is why we have compiled this set of photographs, featuring funny human faces, viewing of which, we believe, will be amusing for you and make you smile. Let’s be honest, what can be better than a chance to laugh at someone’s face expression?!

Another interesting fact about smile is that a usual smile may involve the work of 3 to 53 facial muscles. In general, over 18 types of smile can be differentiated. Even more exciting thing about smiling is that this ability is not what a human learns – it is one of the basic instincts; even babies, who cannot see from their birth, still can smile… Finally, do not forget that wise people say that smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks and it is also the second best thing you can do with your lips

That’s just fogged up… by aleci

I said.. No more pictures! by Patricia

Nervous are whe? by aleci

Enjoy your meal ! by Tywak

E=MC2 by Andreas Bratengeier

Sucking Eggs (Rejection and the Art of Graceful Acceptance) by ESPhotography

Locked by Tywak

Looking For A Friend by DeLone

Worst Buddy Holly lookalike contest in history of mankind by Santtu Särkäs

Vitality by Juha Saransalmi

Drool by Jeremy Reed

Skype / Human Emoticons by Ilya Malyanov

Faces by Alexander Malyshev

Crazy Portraits by Mohamed Eissa

Funny Face by Jessica Hughes

Crazy Lady by Holly Clark

Portrait of funny businessman by Vitaly Gariev

Alright..So, I may have a FEW loose screws up in there.. by Ericson Calderon

Going crazy by Balázs Kassai

Kayla by Alfonso Pompo Bresciani

Seth’s B-Day Portraits-10 by Raúl

Seth’s B-Day Portraits-28 by Raúl

Seth’s B-Day Portraits-33 by Raúl

Black Friday – Self Portrait by Trent Davis

Nik by Eli Fox

Motorhead portrait by nicouze

Im going C-R-A-Z-Y !!!!! by Dan Desroches

January 20, 2008 – Dominique’s B-day -40 by Raúl

January 20, 2008 – Dominique’s B-day -17 by Raúl

January 20, 2008 – Dominique’s B-day -19 by Raúl

-Vanfleteren’s Urbanus- remake by Gert Verbelen

Untitled craziness by Pawel Pachniewski

Crazy Boy by Christopher Lange

Funny senior man by Serghei Starus

Funny senior man 2 by Serghei Starus

Only one finger ! by Tywak

Happy Sunday to All My Friends! by Alexandra Bolotina

Each Mom has her own Angels and Demons to fight with! by Alexandra Bolotina

Огоньку не найдется? by Alexandra Bolotina

Only Top Models could let themselves to look silly! by Alexandra Bolotina

Future DeleteMe! Voter by Marcus Bradbury

Acid trip by Cappi Thompson

à la recherche du soleil by nicouze

Désolation by nicouze

Oh! by Joe Alisa

Grin by CarbonSilver

SatIsFaCtioN by Diletta Tonelli

Got milk by nicouze

STG Sauna Club 2 by Marius Ivo Patscheider

13/365: sunday night munchies by *rae*


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