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Today people pay more attention to the processes of food preparation and eating traditions as ever before. Visiting restaurants instead of cooking at home has already turned into a norm of life for many millions of people around the globe. Within highly competitive environment restaurants do their best to attract visitors and gain excellent reputation, demonstrating the miracles of culinary and creating the real masterpieces of haute cuisine. Today the secret of restaurant success consists of multiple constituents, and efficient logo design is among them. In order to get a chance to demonstrate all the excellence of food and variety of tastes to a new customer, first it is necessary to arouse his visual receptors; and it is the logo, placed on the outdoor signboard or on a website, which can help here a lot.

Restaurant logo should inherit and clearly express the key message that a particular restaurant wants to deliver to its existing and potential customers. Whether it is a fast food facility, a la carte restaurant, or a place one can get some specific ethnic food – this is usually easily derived from the very first glance at a restaurant logo. We have collected a set of restaurant logos to offer you examples of multiple designs. Everyone knows that every designing project and especially design of a logo starts with an idea; but we also know that very often the hardest part of the whole project is to generate an idea. We hope that viewing this showcase will help you arouse your imagination and generate your own unique design that will be perfect for a restaurant logo.

Nick & Joie’s by levelb

Giovannis by justquan

Kinoko by hivestudio

Tonys by Damian Dominguez

Yellow by Nefi Florian

Zambuka by akitash

Cama y mesa by Sebastian Castiblanco Franco

Casa vieja by David Mondragon

Venezia by Jovan Rocanov

Comfort Food Grill by mandarine

Eagle’s Nest Logo by Carl Miner

TOSCANA by Bartosz Piosik

Corn Poppers Label 2 by John Anderle

SUNFLOWER by Muamer Adilovic

Fortuna by Roy Smith

Caramel Restaurant & Bar by David Airey

El Siciliano by Fabiola Ibañez

Mèze by Lucas Barreto Reis

McDougal’s by Micah Jones

Fisih by tolga

Rodizio pizza & circus by David Mondragon

Gourmet by Malika Soin

Hot Dog Palace by Matt Kornhaas

Crepers by Iulian Tudosa

Foodlover by swarat_ghosh

El Agave by Jasho Salazar

Tomasso’s by Jerron Ames

Palm Court Restaurant by Gareth Rowson

Vanakkam by Sandra Devaux

Tacone by Adrian Espinoza

The Crazy Tomato by Michael Kibler

Maxey’s Steakhouse M Logo 2 by Collier Vinson

Spicy Island Grill by Gustavo Sandoval

Frugale by Dadado

Herban Palate by Urban Influence

Cafe Max by levelb

Pizza Express by Gert van Duinen

Arteoliva salsas by Ruano rosa

Chorisant by Juan Camilo Rendon Alvarez

Du Jardin by Joel Nilsen

Ecofood by Glajevsky

Uno PIZZA by Salius Dumbliauskas

Hungry House by Savko Mihajljevic

Eat To Cure by Denis Wong

Big Oak Catering by Jason Stanley

Pronto Pizza by Maria Maravilla Juarez

Love to Eat by Katharine Y.

Pizza Window by notation

Fishlicious by Joel

Lobster by salba

Bee’s Kitchen by Raoul Camion

Food by den

Frecella by tinix1

Pastamasta by hindmarsh


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