The Faces of Poverty – Photography Showcase

Art in its all forms exists in close link with the social life of people, praising its positive sides, progress and achievements, and also revealing and exposing the negative aspects of the society and consequences of human activity. That is the true nature of art – it is not only about beauty and perfection, it is also about the reality of life and its bitter truth, which is often scary, ugly and frightening. Poverty belongs to the social disasters that people still cannot overcome in many places around the globe. While for the majority of Americans and Europeans poverty seems to be a far-away problem, millions of people in Africa and other depressive regions of the world struggle every day for their own existence and living of their children.

Artists with their exceptionally sensitive souls have always been among the pioneers, fighting the particular flaws of society by identifying them and speaking loudly about the things, which other people may not or may not even want to notice. Social photography and poverty photography in particular touch very serious issues of human existence. Such images are full of suffering, pain, and despair. However, if you look carefully at any of the poverty photographs, collected below, you may notice a small yet powerful ray of light in the eyes of the people, featured on the photos. This ray of light is born by hope. Indeed, it is the hope that stays with us even in the hardest times, giving us strength to fight the destiny, inspiring us and making us believe that tomorrow will be the new and better day.

Not Just for Humans by Dennis Bautista

Children of Moldova by Alexander Spatari

Poor Girl by gunnisal

The Last Supper by John Sciarrino

The Beggar by Israel Fichman

Rapid Feet by Klaus Nilsen Skrudland

Old Beggar by Maciej Ciezki

Malnutrition 1 by Fauzan Ijazah

…las migajas de la mesa by Jesus Cantu

Malnutrition 3 by Fauzan Ijazah

Life in the trash by Jose Ferreira

Misery by Focus On Newfoundland

Free them all… by Gilles Bonugli Kali

The Patience of the Sick by TS Gentuso

Where there is no doctor by Roberto Sias

Sad by Robert

Sadness by Risquillo

Sadhu Shivaji Bush :-) by Helmut Schadt

Sadhu by Sasson Haviv

Eyes Of Sadness by gunnisal

Sad But sweet by Johan Stomberg

……… by Robert

Loveisallyouneed by Tomaz Crnej

Dark Future by Dennis Bautista

In need .. by Hesham Alhumaid

Smiles Behind the Shadows by Paul Quiambao

by M. J. Arcanjo


ANATOLIA by Koray Ozozen

A LIFE IN THE HANDS by reporter

Princess by Attila Lóránt

Hospital by Attila Lóránt

No Smile by Dennis Bautista

Cry by Nikolo Pelegrini

Charcoal maker by Jojo Pensica

Handle With Care by Jojo Pensica

Photo by Sina Shiri

Street worker by Maurizio Blasetti

Bodhgaya, INDIA by Alexey Sukhopar

Merak by Bulent Doruk

Medina Koura Market by Carlos Duarte

WATER by oochappan

Where is… by H_K

Gipsy family……..suffering by Jose Ferreira

At the water fountain by Raphaelpics

1 by Gokhan Bedir


Boys from slum by Jose Ferreira

Father & Son by Andre du Plessis

Working at the Ijen Crater by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Faith, hope…and fear by Kenrick

People of the Railway by Olivier Sarbil

Maria & Celeste: Kannemeyers by Andre du Plessis

The Forgotten Warriors by Olivier Sarbil

Dharavi n°1 by Patrizio Battaglia

Friends by Hippolyte

African Prayer by Ernest

Another Day of Life in Romanipen by Johan Lundberg

Sad but true by Shazeen Samad

Random playground by Andres Garcia Lachner

Quick Portfolio by Micah Albert

Photojournalism by Jake LeBoeuf

Cry of Soul by Nenad Djedovic

A Hospital With No Running Water by Matt Rainwaters

Africa by Nannna

The Face of Africa by thermalraven

Happy African children waving by Jonathan Whymark

Aisha by CrazyMadness

Guinea Bissau 11 by Carlos Jorge

“Se Pha” by Narinder Singh Chauhan

Today, a real help can be received from a number of international humanitarian organizations. Among them are:

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

World Vision

World Concern

Médecins Sans Frontières (MFS)

American Red Cross


United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Action Against Hunger (Action Contre la Faim)


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