Modern Architecture Forms – Where the Future Begins…

To introduce our today’s showcase, featuring modern architecture forms, let us use the words of Ernest Dimnet, – “Architecture, of all the arts, is the one, which acts the most slowly, but the most securely, on the soul”. Indeed, architecture has always been a kind of eternal art with its masterpieces, remaining interesting and popular to people of all the times. In the mean time, modern architecture tries to explore absolutely new spheres, where a human soul could be influenced via some unusual and novel architectural forms and structures.

It is a mixture of different styles and trends that is the most amazing thing about modern architecture. From traditional buildings to the incarnations of cubism and surrealism in glass and stone – modern architecture is where most of the limitations end. However, in most cases, it is impossible to describe architectural forms vividly enough to create an appropriate vision and understanding in people. Architecture calls for viewing, not for reading. Paraphrasing some wise man, it is possible to say that writing about architecture is like dancing about astronomy. So, let us take our time and view the collection of illustrations and photographs of modern architecture Cruzine has just prepared for you. This showcase is not only a true evidence of evolution and progress in modern architecture, but it is also a real drawer of dreams…

Close to freedom by Arnaud Montagard

New light by Alisdair Miller

Photo by Robert

DoWnToWn WaVeS by Riccardo Monaco

Photo by Semir Catovic

The Decision Making House by David Morgan

Urban palace by Sven Fennema

OverPass by KPK

The Column by David Tello

Forms and reflections by Sven Fennema

4 vertical by Sven Fennema

Flowturistic by Sven Fennema

Mushroom by Semir Catovic

._. by Semir Catovic

PUr 248 Like a big hat…! by Fernand Hick

Vasco da Gama bridge by Pedro Inacio

Concrete One by Ernie Kent

AirBridge III by KPK

Right – Left – Sideways – … ??? by Papafrezzo

Nothing straight by Sven Fennema

Titanic by KPK

_Vele by Alessio Neroni

Oceanographic (Valencia, Spain) by Luis Tamarit

Moonskin by Mindcage

Collapsing windows. by Mindcage

Glass and sky by Rodrigo Marin

KölnTurm II by KPK

Shapes of confusion by Sven Fennema

LBBW by DieterJL

Cloud Catcher by King Douglas

Perspective in Blue by Izidor Gasperlin

Spider´s wep by Joseba Ibarra

The Shape of Days to Come by Martin Gremm

Triangle by Jef Van den Houte

Future by Fulvio Pellegrini

Upwards by ris

True Blue by Stefan Nielsen

SpaceCity IV by Luis Tamarit

4 by Marc Siewior

NYC Buildings I by Gabriele Gaspardis

Akimboism by Michael Mancini

Three in a row by Theo Peekstok

A Warped Mind by prolixpics

Space by Xavier Rey

Kuala Lumpur by Robert Fudali

Cities of the future I by Pavel Vagonsky

Orbital Decay by Mindcage

Gehry 1 by Dragan Jovancevic

Defiance by Doug Roane

Curvy by Rohit Mattoo

WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL by Iñaki Hernández-Lasa

Metro Station by Andre Human

Mirror by Jens Kling

Windows by Attila Szabo

Departure by Marco Tajé

Sports Center Paris by Koz Architects

Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao Spain by Aleix Bague

Vodafone Headquarters in Porto, Portugal by Fernando Guerra

Habitat 67, Montreal by Brian Pirie

The Melbourne Theater Company by ARM architects

Walt Disney concert hall by Frank Gehry

MARRIOT LIMA by Roberto Bowyer

Photo by Jens Fersterra

The Ironbank Building by RTA Studio

Frank Gehry’s Center for Brain Health by Matthew Carbone

Rom3o by Michael Baldwin

On Street Corners by Michael Baldwin

Valencia by Jakob Wagner


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