Doggy-style Logo – A Showcase of Dog-Featured Logos

Dogs, obviously, keep the leadership among the animals, most commonly used for different kinds of logos and corporate styles and identification sets. Among the particular businesses, voting for dog-style logos, are not only companies, producing dog foods or accessories; even those, whose business has nothing to do with these animals, often choose dogs to be their graphic presentation. What are the reasons for people to choose dog illustrations for their logos? Actually, there are many of them. First of all, dog is among the first animals, tamed by a human. Dogs have always been treated as our true friends. They can amuse people, help people, and, surely, protect people. And this is not the full list of dogs’ top qualities, thanks to which they are often chosen by logo designers as the leading characters on their graphic works.

Here you are welcome to view the showcase, where Cruzine wants to give you some examples of how dog images can be used to create logos for a particular type of business. Actually, dog images can be pretty versatile – funny for some toy brands, strong and powerful for security services or sport clubs, stylish for dance parties, and loyal for law agencies, for example. A properly chosen and illustrated dog logo will, definitely, serve its purpose, like a faithful dog serves his master.

Telezoo by Redkroft

Woof by Flant

Opashka dog hotel by mm

PuppyWebsite by Josh Myers

AniMeals by Schuster

Dog’s Deli by Brett Layton

Mad Dog Productions by Leah Hartley

Creative dog by Ranganath


Saint Augustine Humane Society by Chris Straehla

Rescue Logo by Randy Heil

Woofwalks by Jerron Ames

SaintMate by Radek Blaska

Danville Inferno Jr. Hockey by Matt Kauzlarich

SoundDog by NEXQUNYX

Animal Rescue Sofia by mm

Paris Park by Gavin Turner

Cerbere by Thierry Hefti

MoonCoyote Lodging by Wizmaya Design Studio

Parachuting Dog by reno

Izzy Biscuits by Stephanie Krause

loloycan by urbanphes

Einzigartig by Steven Graham

Spacepet by Nadir Balcikli

Idea Pet by Creative Juice

Chilli Dog by Dale Harris

Farm Dog by Dale Harris

Wicked Smaht Music by webcore

Tom’s Petlounge by tømme

Yard Dawgz T by plnstgfx

Fluid Band T-Shirt Logos by tylersticka

Fat Beagle by Eduardo Mainero

BUZZDOG by Michael Spitz

BullDog by Veep

Dog Star by Veep

Figarodog by sandras

DoGrin by wizmaya

Hound Dog Kennels by ian

Hotdoggy by ritebrainr

Dogster by hodo

Water dog by Veep

Bright Puppy by revotype

Dawg Training University by

Bullocked by revotype

Watcher by bigoodis


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