Architecture Legacy – Old, Outdated, or Eternal?

They say every new thing is the forgotten old one. It is, obviously, true, since many modern designers, artists, and architects among them, derive their inspiration, images and forms from the legacy of the previous generations. In this showcase we have collected the photographs of monumental architecture exteriors to demonstrate our readers all the creativity, versatility, and meaningfulness, which can be found in the bygone traditions in architecture.

Many of the buildings, shown on the pictures below, have already lost their primary purpose and remain only as the silent witnesses of the former glory. However, many of them still serve people like they did decades or even hundreds of years ago. Making pictures of old exteriors, photographers usually choose black-and-white photography to underline the solemnity of such architectural monuments and let viewers concentrate on the uniqueness of forms and not on the fading colors. Bridges, temples, castles, and residential buildings – this gallery features a full variety of architectural forms and designs. Looking at the magnificent constructions on these photos, one can get astonished with the deep imagination and conceptual yet harmonic vision of the architects. However, photographers, who made these photos, are also great artists, conferred with creativity, imagination, and skills to catch the moment and make it last forever.

The Bridge by Arman-h

Walls and bricks by Pascal Bobillon

Solitude by Thamer Al-Tassan

Impact by Harald Bildner

1896 – 1946 – 2008 by Szabolcs Toth

Canal Grande by Norbert Maier

Heddal by Ivar Smith-Nilsen

Curves by Franco Farina

Photo by Jeannette Oerlemans

Old stave church in fog by Jan Erik Arud

Tour Eiffel by Roger Madsen

Ekay by Martin Zalba

People mixer by anto XIII

Ghost palace by Adam Dobrovits

Carrefour aérien – Air crossroads by Gilles Robert

Twist by Piotr Cichosz

Torre del Mangia by John Arne Eidsmo

Time paints by kamenf

Six by Martin Gremm

Gourdon by Lars Raun

… rise up to the sky … by Lars Raun

Safety exit by Francois Casanova

Taj Mahal by sensorfleck

Claustrophobia by CSD

Walk left, bike right by sensorfleck

Rocket to the moon by Villi

Well by Pawel Wesolowski

Connection by Melanie Liebig

Neighbours by Adam Dobrovits

…trapped… by Codrin Lupei

Bermuda by Serhiy Schelkunov

Better Times… by Thomas Halfmann

Densus by Alin Cirstea

Dreams so far by Sandi Gorkic

Dame bien portante by Bernard Da Costa

Monominster by Duncan McMillan

Lisbon bar by Jon Gausdal

French Institut by Jean-Michel Berts

Brooklyn Bridge by Philipp Tonn

Glynde Church by Michael Baldwin

Ye olde Door by Michael Baldwin

Wenecja – the island windmiil by Alcove

Venezia by Daniel L. Adam

Bydgoska starowka by Alcove

Birds… by Marcin Stawiarz

Mariacka street by Alcove

Meerseburg’s street by Alcove

Star.Wars by wojtar

Palace gardens by Konrad Masternak

Cathares study 19 by Alain Etchepare

Arundel Castle by bucz

Haunted by Zsolt Zsigmond

Choose one by Alain Etchepare

.15. by bafa48

Sagrada Familia I by Diana Cretu

Kopernika street by Alcove

Weekend in Venice by Vesna

The Mills Inn by Alcove

Tight by Sina Demiral

Propaganda by Alcove

.: existence :. by Gökhan Karaağ

Hey, it’s my bike… by Alcove

Coffeshop in Wenecia Island by Alcove

Erice by Emil Stojek

D i r t by Borbala Sütő Nagy

Listening windows by Borbala Sütő Nagy

Let me be blue by Borbala Sütő Nagy

A sort of homecoming by Borbala Sütő Nagy

I’m sleepy by Borbala Sütő Nagy

Sunflower’s window by Regina Morais

The Old Mansion HDR by Iulian Dumitrescu

Juromenha Landscape 1a by Daragh Walsh Kennedy

Hospital Lost 14 by fibreciment

Intact by Christian Westerlund

BAUD1_revisited by fibreciment

BAUD2_revisited by fibreciment

Fatih architecture by Sanja Nikolic

Memory Remains by Louis Cipher

Pieces by TaNgeriNegreeN1986

Star Wars by wojtar

Dark Suprise by Michael Baldwin

Shelter.Our Shelter by PendulumPhotography

Within the walls by A-l-a-s-s-e-a

Main entrance 2 by Skanatiker

Hospitality by PendulumPhotography

Boulevard to the palace by Konrad Masternak

Good and Evil by Sun-Seeker

Lost and Forgotten by xrust

Ruins by Kovácsics György László

Esterhazy Castle by Kovácsics György László

The Old Station by Violet Kleinert

Passage by Janos Novak

Look up by Kovácsics Judit

St. Ludmila Church by Alexander Corvus

Balcombe Viaduct by Michael Baldwin

Room with a View by James Roughley

Vagabond’s Retreat by Wayne Benedet

Old city of Sibiu by FriendlyPiranha


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