Wild Nature Landscapes. The Wild or the Most Refined Beauty?

“In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful,” said Alice Walker. Indeed, the Nature is the most talented and crafty artist on Earth. It is the Nature that creates the most beautiful masterpieces. Wild nature landscapes, collected in this showcase, are just evidences to prove such statements. What is interesting about landscapes is that the wilder the sceneries are – the more beautiful and attractive they are for people. Maybe it is because we are all a part of the natural environment and have the understanding of the true beauty and natural aesthetics somewhere at the level of our instincts…

What is the secret behind the beauty of such wild nature landscapes? Is it the forms, colors, or textures, attracting our attention? As a matter of fact, it is the balance and harmony, playing the key role in any natural environment and ensuring the aesthetic perfection of any natural creation and scenery. The greatest artists and painters of the human kind have always tried to master the skills of playing with colors, tones and half-tones, light and shade… However, any painted landscape is still nothing but a human-made reproduction of the masterpiece, created by Nature.

Luck and Accident by Manuel Meinhardt

Mystery field by Jeanette Svensson

Scrabo Tower by Gary McParland

Photo by Doron Nissim

Splendor by time art

Atmosphere of a spring morning.. by Edmondo Senatore

Crackin’ Bridge by mitchy81

Frozen by time art

The Crystal Ship by Alexandre Deschaumes

Mount Merapi by Avie Japrak

Battle field by kruno

Warm Morning by Marius Grozea

June by Leszek Paradowski

Rain by Franz Schumacher

Force of nature by Hugo Amador

Living on high altitude by Reggy de With

A long story by Piet Flour

Constantly in solitude by Alessandro Gauci

Jura’n return by Mal Smart

Flying above Dover by Ricky Siegers

Hideout by Pierre-Arnaud Bonraisin

L’ensablé by Yann Deguen

Le repos du dragon by Yann Deguen

Sugar Loaf Islands by Dean Mullin

Bough by Leszek Paradowski

Trek by Alisdair Miller

Bloody Foreland by Gary McParland

Photo by Adam Holweg

Curtains in the Fog by Miles Morgan

Gods Back Garden by Ian Munro

Sis Behind by Erkanyurt

Wilderness by Alisdair Miller

The Road Goes Ever On & On by Gary McParland

… snowstorm by Raymó

Autumn… is over by Adi Popa

The voices of the angels by GilG

Sidari… by Krzysztof Browko

Fairyland 2 by Stankina


Alpine Awakening by Doug Roane

Äntligen höst by Johannes Glännman

After the storm by Ria de Heij

New Day by Bragi J. Ingibergsson

Earth’s lament by Yann Deguen

Magical forest II by Agustin Rueda

Witches by Marcin Stawiarz

Nature Study by Bragi J. Ingibergsson

A windy Day by Laurent Decuyper

Wildfire by INU

Roads go ever, ever on by Mark Peters

Lost Cause by Mark Boyle

Eery view by henkheus

The Devil’s Wall by Norbert Maier

At The Devil’s Wall by Norbert Maier

Eden I by Matthew Tauzer

Highness by aL-baum

Veins Of The Forest by Drew Hopper

Remote church by Ben Heys

Dunstanburgh 4 by Graeme Pattison

Netherlands by disposable-heroX

Grasses of Pew Tor by Alexander Nail

Lake gufelsee by wingmar

Norway 27 by Maciej Duczynski

Islands in the Stream by Michael Anderson

Dark Poppies by dingodave

Broken Skye by Alexander Nail

Freedom by Julie Rey

Foggy melodies by Oer-Wout

Fall in the Himalaya by Michael Anderson

The loud music of the sky by Alexandre Deschaumes

Wild oceane by megadef

D a y d r e a m by Nilgün Kara

Sand Waves by Abdul Majeed

There is a Hope by adityapudjo

Incoming Waves by Jannis Gundermann

Living Earth by Xavier Jamonet

Sossusvlei12 by Lourens Olivier

Clouds Over Hurricane Ridge by Jared Chang

Life is elsewhere.. by Adam Dobrovits

Out of the Depths by Alexandre Deschaumes

Against A Winter Sky by lowapproach

Spanish Sunset by Adam Salwanowicz

Godafoss falls by Xavier Jamonet

Lightfire Dunes by Linkineos

When the sky chooses by Michel Rajkovic

Comptine D’un Autre…… by TaNgeriNegreeN1986

Selfoss enchantment by Xavier Jamonet

Downhill by JeRoen Murré

Terraformation 2 by Miguel Rita

Dark Light by Xavier Jamonet

Small Tree by Ricardo Silva

Desert walkers by teemoh

Alnmouth 3 by Graeme Pattison

Battles by lucias-tears

End of the World? by Xavier Jamonet

Tuscany 3 by Maciej Duczynski

Vertigo by Julie Rey

Codgers Fort 2 by Graeme Pattison


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