Mountains Photography Showcase

Mountains are the magnificent formations on the surface of Earth, silent witnesses of the planet evolution that have always amazed people with their greatness, power, mute calmness, and pure beauty. They have watched us hunting mammoth, making the first iron tools, conquering new lands, developing industries, and, finally, fighting against the industry-related environment pollutions… Everything changes on planet Earth, and only mountains seem to be just the same as they were thousands of years ago. These grand watchers always attracted the masters of art photography, who did their best to show all the magnificence, sacred wisdom and natural beauty of mountains on the photos.

They say, those, who ascended a mountain at least once, will definitely get back again. There is some mysterious force in mountains, attracting and inviting people to feel the breathing of eternity. It looks like even the time stops or goes in some specific way in the mountains. There are no other landscapes like mountains. Photographs and paintings, featuring mountains, demonstrate some unique combination of calmness, tranquility and, at the same time, extreme power and emotions. Unbelievable textures, unique forms, amazing color combinations – all these create fantastic sceneries, authored by the genius of Nature. Praise should be given to those photographers, who created these amazing mountain photos, allowing us to feel all the beauty of the mountains.

Dizin by S.Mostafa Ahangarha

Landscape by Luigi Benedetti

Mono Rocks by Point and Shoot

Explosions of light.. by Edmondo

Take a deep breath II … by Michal Ostrowski

The Fiery Furnace by Gabe Farnsworth

The Wave by Gabe Farnsworth

North Coyote Buttes by Gabe Farnsworth

Living under the volcano by Bergljot

Serpent Slopes by John Parminter

Underworld by John Parminter

Landscape by Masoud Mobin Ali

Quebrada Calinca valley by Dirk Smith

The Fiery Moor by John Parminter

Mordor by Jakub Polomski

Guardians of the glens by John Parminter

Magic Light by Tristan Shu

Snake by John Colbensen

Time forgotten land by John Parminter

Dolomiti by tito

Mountain Cross by Zsolt Arkossy

Divided Glens by John Parminter

Horses in Kyrgyzstan by Reggy de With

Strolling on the Dolomites by Robert Strahinjic

Photo by Mariusz Jankowski

Meteora by João Pedro Neves

Morning At Arches by Bobaloo

Edge of the World by Hougaard Malan

Scotland 15 by Maciej Duczynski

The Lost City by Michael Anderson

Icelands by Kim Holtermand

Bergwelt by Martina Woll

Dolomites mountains 2008 by Vladimir Donkov

HDR Photography by Colby Brown

Living the dream – Ladakh by Manoj Jadhav

Zillertal 09 by Christian Gwiozda

Mountain Stories by atelier Olschinsky

Expedition Madeira 2009 by Jiri Krivanek

Arctic Mountains by Carl Erik Hagen

Felt mountain II by Jérôme Lautré

Mountains by Desintegrator

Cloudy mountains V by Marcin Osadzin

Autumn In Mountains 3 by Lech Magnuszewski

Autumn In Mountains 6 by Lech Magnuszewski

Tatra Mountains No 004 by mateos78

Snow crags by penguin91

Among the Mountains by Nafah

Warrior by jonnygoodboy

Scarred Mountains by danUK86

Heaven… by penguin91

Welsh Mountains by Nightwing67

Breath of the Valley by Michał Karcz

Signs by Vlad Spoiala

Fagaras Mountains by Beauty4ever

Storms Comin’ by Stuart Corbishley

Mountains in the mist by Jason Lavengood

Ciucas 6453 by Vlad Spoiala

Grand Tetons Panoramic HDR by Jon Rista

I Promised You Forever by dizzyclub

Snowdonia dramatic mountains by JeRoen Murré

Passo di Pordoi HDR by tayanita

Something Geologic by Fabiuss

Summer Wonderland 5 by Doru Oprisan

Pieniny 1 by Stefan Stefaniszyn

Tatry 15 by xzb

Tatry 13 by xzb

Tatry 18 by xzb

Way Up Mine by Halcyon1990


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