Modern 3D Abstract Illustrations

Quaint lines, extraordinary color combinations and textures, which form unusual shapes and appearances, – this is the shortest description of modern 3D abstract illustrations, gathered in this Cruzine showcase. What is this – a tribute to modern graphic software, capable to turn complex mathematical calculations into visual images or another evidence of human creativity and boundless imagination? We, at Cruzine, believe that such illustrations serve as a testimony of both – human creativity and machine power, which work hand-in-hand to produce brand-new type of visual arts.

Looking at the creations of the modern 3D illustrators, it becomes obvious that the seeds, thrown by Picasso, Matisse, Malevich and other early abstractionists, got into fertile soil and sprang up with the rich harvest of new abstract style illustrations in the works of modern painters and designers. Of course, many of them use digital brushes and paints instead of traditional ones; however, the goal remains the same – to produce graphics, capable of exciting people and motivating thinking and imagination. Perhaps, abstractionism, as no other art movement, aims at motivating people to think… Unlike traditional visual art, depicting the real world, these 3D abstract illustrations are all about secret, enigmatic images and shapes. To unlock the message, which a particular artist delivers through his works, you will need to use all your imagination and try to perceive the illustration emotionally rather than rationally.

Abstract realism by Matthias Müller

28 600 200 particles by Matthias Müller

The Protoss Star Formations by Matthias Müller

Morning Warmth by Matthias Müller

Protection by Matthias Müller

Interwooven_nightlife by Matthias Müller

AbstractEvil by Matthias Müller

Undiscovered Worlds by Matthias Müller

Traditional Values by Matthias Müller

Fragment.0128.02c by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.140.02b by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.0119.04a by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.0121.02b by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.0110.8501.05b by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.0110.8501.03 by Tim Borgmann

Fragment.0105.7902c by Tim Borgmann

Shape.92.02 by Tim Borgmann

Shape.53a#02 by Tim Borgmann

Shape.57.020501 by Tim Borgmann

Shape.69c by Tim Borgmann

Dentine by Sebastien Rousseau

Grow of cubic bacteria by Václav Pajkrt

Microplants by Václav Pajkrt

Mutant-cubes trilogy by Václav Pajkrt

Thorny structures by Václav Pajkrt

Rest of Sinews by Václav Pajkrt

Particular by VANSHOCKER

Krakatoa experiment by Tinku Puri

Depthplay by Caleb Pinney

Splash: Soma Collapse by neutrix

The Dragonfly Effect by neutrix

Splash: neuflow by neutrix

Liquid Glass by neutrix

Splash by neutrix

Splash: sprout by neutrix

Splash by Martin Geupel


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