Fantasy Illustrations that Excite Our Imagination

Why is the world of fantasy with its surreal sceneries and imaginary creatures so popular among people? We can talk for hours and write thousands of words here, discussing this phenomenon, but it looks like we will never be able to find the answer and reveal the true secret behind the popularity and attractiveness of this particular style. Fantasy illustrations work like windows, allowing us to peep into the magic world, which (as many believe) exists somewhere. Enjoying fantasy illustrations we get a chance to escape from reality with all its tension, problems, stress and complications. Even if this is only for a couple of seconds that you feel like touching a dream, while enjoying this collection of fantasy illustrations, then our aim is achieved.

It is amazing how the genre of fantasy remains popular and interesting for people throughout hundreds of years. From ancient dragon tales like Beowulf, written about thousand years ago, to a bunch of modern fantasy stories, like Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc., artistic works in the style of fantasy have always been interesting to people and excited their imagination. Below we offer a showcase of fantasy illustrations. Though this is not the first fantasy graphics showcase at Cruzine, such illustrations are always accepted with interest by our audience. Maybe it is because the world of fantasy is really boundless, and every time you face it you explore something new, something you have never seen before…

This has never happened to me before by Tiago Hoisel

Sea Life by Bobby Chiu

Carrot Run by Bobby Chiu

Fairy Tales by Bobby Chiu

Kanga-mole-bunny by Bobby Chiu

Light Bug by Bobby Chiu

Jongholi by KIAN KIANI


Viking e rostampour by Mehrdad Isvandi

Manifesto by Diego Avesani

The Knife Thrower by Viktor Titov

Life and Death by Viktor Titov

The Victim by Viktor Titov

Spectacular2d-”dragon Crash” by Viktor Titov

Bear-mutant concept by Viktor Titov

Heavy Cavalry by Viktor Titov

Art Is Immortal by Viktor Titov

To the waterfall by Wanchana Intrasombat

How to train your creature by Wanchana Intrasombat

The end of the journey by Wanchana Intrasombat

Once moment a time by Wanchana Intrasombat

Orc Character for Heroes of Gaia by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

Sword Master : Zhuxian online 2 by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

Bloody snow by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

Final Fantasy XI Fanart by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

Perfectworld Online : Warebeast by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

Perfectworld Online : Human Female by Sinad Jaruartjanapat

The Archer by Cheong Chau Hong Darius

Barbarian Orc Type Thing by James Paick

The Green Brain by Marc SIMONETTI

Amos Daragon: Hell’s trip by Marc SIMONETTI

Jetjaine’s elf hour by Marc SIMONETTI

Tian xia dragon by Marc SIMONETTI

The death and the logger by Marc SIMONETTI

Sorceress of Darshiva by Marc SIMONETTI

The Snake mage by Marc SIMONETTI

Kill Power Ball by Marc SIMONETTI

Crossing lights matte by Simona Ceci

Lizardman by Simona Ceci

The hunter by Simona Ceci

Enchanted Tree by Simona Ceci

Beautiful Grim Artwork by Carsten Biernat

Dragon Feast by Carsten Biernat

What a Joke by Carsten Biernat

Unleashed by Carsten Biernat

UnderWater-Kingdom by Carsten Biernat

Boxer by Michael Kutsche

Viking: Battle for Asgard (Pack Art) by Michael Kutsche

SEGA’s VIKING – Hel by Michael Kutsche

SEGA’s VIKING – Skarin by Michael Kutsche

Oh God! by Alon Chou

Fearless by Alon Chou

CHICAGO, the calling by Loïc Zimmermann

X-Blades by Leonid Kozienko

The Jellies by Kei Acedera

Crabby Chat by Kei Acedera

Bath Time by Kei Acedera

Fairy and Owl by Kei Acedera

Dragon Song by Kei Acedera

Le Wolfman by Jason Seiler

Kei Kei – Dominance War III character by Vinicius de Sá Menezes

Gunny Lady by Remko Troost

Conceptart for cinematic trailer by Remko Troost

Got info? by Remko Troost

The Hit by Blaz Porenta

Deaths Dance by Blaz Porenta

The city of dreams by Élian Black’mor

Chengdu to Ha Long – On the road of kings dragon by Élian Black’mor

In the fog’s port of Saigon by Élian Black’mor

Between mist and fog by Élian Black’mor

Karnun by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

The Jackal Of Nar by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

Fireblade by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

An Army Summoned by Mike Corriero

Tiltadron by Mike Corriero

Fernus Peranus by Mike Corriero

The final boss (from daily sketch) by Michael See

Cloudwalker by Michael See

Jack-O-Lanterns by Michael See


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