Mystery and Magnificence of Waterscapes

Mother Nature, being the most talented artist on Planet Earth, continues to amaze us, the human race, with the exceptional and inimitable beauty and perfection of its masterpieces. Just like landscapes, waterscapes remain the most vivid artistic works, capable of revealing all the magnificence and true beauty of the sceneries, “drawn” by Nature. It is possible to say that waterscapes are often even more powerful creations in terms of emotional load and focus at some key or core elements. While landscapes are usually calm and relaxing, featuring multiple objects, such as trees, grass, houses, animals, buildings, clouds, etc, waterscapes often concentrate only on three key elements: water, sky, and stone. Thus, the special atmosphere of magnificence, greatness, and power is created.

With this showcase Cruzine offers its readers a gallery of waterscapes. It is a kind of hall of fame to Nature and its masterpieces. Each work, presented in this waterscape showcase, has its own peculiar character and emotional coloring, varying from tranquility and appeasement to the extremely vivid flashes of struggle and wild unbridled vigor. Looking at such sceneries, as shown at these illustrations, one gets more and more confident in the fact that such perfect natural masterpieces just could not be formed spontaneously as the result of evolution: every such waterscape adds points to the theory of the divine origin of Earth and everything on it…

End of the road by Bas Meelker

Force of Nature by Peter Bolman

Ribeira da Janela by Renato Lourenço

Cold Front Blues by Hougaard Malan

Kukup by Iwan Vinsens

The secret garden by Marcin Bera

*** by Sergey Braga

On a lone winter morning.. by Kieran OConnor

Blue Mirror by Michal Tercjak

Skye Isle by Fabien BRAVIN

Thundering Waters by Terry Dolle

Ghost ship by Konstantinos

Mourne View by Gary McParland

… elements by Raymó

Furious by Andreas Edman

White Sail by Marco Benedetti

Cape Kiwanda by coulombic

Abstract Aeons by Alexandre Deschaumes

Waves and green algae by Jordi Gallego

The Song of the Sirens by Mary Kay

Far And Away by Eric70

Elgol’s Moods V by Dennis Bromage

Cotton Coast by Paul Morgan

On An Island by Eric70

Stones by Yana Gayvoronskaya

The Sunbeam by Eric70

The Sunbeam 2 by Eric70

*** by Yelena Yemchuk

Fiolent by Yana Gayvoronskaya

Ocean Brushes by Kieran OConnor

Untitled by Wesley Law

Thors’ Well by Miles Morgan

A Deathly Silence by Ian Munro

Zen Tree by Ben Ryan

Tangled by Bill Mangold

Storm’s Passing by Paul Morgan

WaWe by tansuaygul

Goliath by storytaylor

The Lone fisherman by Amnon Eichelberg

Distant Beacon by Gary McParland

Photo by David Haviland

Watching by Miles Morgan

Reynisdrangar by Bragi J. Ingibergsson

Force of Nature by Arild Heitmann

Undaunted by Miles Morgan

Cove by Bragi J. Ingibergsson

Watching over you by John Parminter

Buried by Miles Morgan

Buried by Pani Ka

Käringön by Marcus Larsson

Neist Point by Mauro Tronto

The Heat by Mel Brackstone

Surge of the Sea by John Parminter

Skogafoss Waterfall by Axel Gimenez

Storm surge by Mel Brackstone

Seljalandsfoss by Henrik Spranz

Dettifoss by Daniel Brim

Shipwrecked by Mel Brackstone

Curtains in the Fog by Miles Morgan

Water, Land and Sky by AntiSpy

Under the Red by Justelene

Final Light below the Storm by Hougaard Malan

The Grotto by Hougaard Malan

False Bay 2 by Hougaard Malan

Crashing Through the Gates by Hougaard Malan

Sick of the Sea by Hougaard Malan

The Tree that Couldn’t Swim by Hougaard Malan

Adraga’s guardians by Hugo Fernandes

Magic Hour by Drew Hopper

Pastel Kogel by Philip Perold

A place where dream by Antonio Androsiglio

_the right moment. by adeadrockstar

Wahkeena Creek and Bridge by Paula Cobleigh

Mirror by Ricardo Silva

Tuckers Rock by Drew Hopper

Pacific Surrounds by Drew Hopper


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