Mystery and Magnificence of Waterscapes

Mystery and Magnificence of Waterscapes

Mother Nature, being the most talented artist on Planet Earth, continues to amaze us, the human race, with the exceptional and inimitable beauty and perfection of its masterpieces. Just like landscapes, waterscapes remain the most vivid artistic works, capable of revealing all the magnificence and true beauty of the sceneries, “drawn” by Nature. It is possible to say that waterscapes are often even more powerful creations in terms of emotional load and focus at some key or core elements. While landscapes are usually calm and relaxing, featuring multiple objects, such as trees, grass, houses, animals, buildings, clouds, etc, waterscapes often concentrate only on three key elements: water, sky, and stone. Thus, the special atmosphere of magnificence, greatness, and power is created.

With this showcase Cruzine offers its readers a gallery of waterscapes. It is a kind of hall of fame to Nature and its masterpieces. Each work, presented in this waterscape showcase, has its own peculiar character and emotional coloring, varying from tranquility and appeasement to the extremely vivid flashes of struggle and wild unbridled vigor. Looking at such sceneries, as shown at these illustrations, one gets more and more confident in the fact that such perfect natural masterpieces just could not be formed spontaneously as the result of evolution: every such waterscape adds points to the theory of the divine origin of Earth and everything on it…

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