Old Interiors in Architecture: Showcase

Architectural heritage of a human kind belongs to the most significant or even grand historical achievements, which will last quite long for the new generations to observe, feel the connection with ancestors, and get inspired by their works while creating their own masterpieces. Graphic designers do not hesitate to make their contribution to the process of preserving and showing us the magnificent beauty of the architecture: the photographs of these creative artists underline the style of the buildings or castles interiors, make the subtle details more vivid, and focus our attention on the age and shabbiness of the buildings.

In fact, these architectural pieces may be shabby, but they are not worse for that! They inspire respect to those who created such splendid buildings; they make us remember and value the past, while planning and thinking about our future.

The selection of the best old interior photographs is presented below. Take a look at them and you will sense the history and age, you will feel the breeze from the past… Some of these interiors look gothic and even scary – such interiors are definitely associated with vampires; others seem to have absorbed the memories about people and events ever taken place there; and some photographs expressively show us that everything must come to an end eventually… Although some interiors here look sad, they also imply the raise of something new and better on their spots, reminding us that we should remember the past to be able to build the future.

The old winery by Sven Fennema

The forgotten staircase by Sven Fennema

The final curtain by Sven Fennema

Raincatcher by Mandy Schoch

OpenDoorPolicy by Malcolm X

Sleeping halls by Sven Fennema

Craving for saviour by Sven Fennema

Carpe Diem by FrankBa

Fortress by Sven Fennema

Monastery of Santes Creus by José Luis Mieza

La crypte by Sven Fennema

The Abyss by reinkarnacja

Terre rouge by Sven Fennema

Spiral of decay by Sven Fennema

Walls of wine by Sven Fennema

Forgotten beauty by Sven Fennema

Portoguese heritage in Marocco by Maurizio Blasetti

Cinema Strange by Mindcage

Fortress by Sven Fennema

The Chair by Les Forrester

S.o.l.i.t.u.d.e by Mindcage

Abandoned Asylum by Ole Ronny Johansen

Hallway by Claus Petersen

Strum by decay

Forgotten beauty by Sven Fennema

Void of Silence by Mindcage

The Watchtower by Jorgen Mikkelsen

Agia sofia by James Axford

F.C. Achard by Beat Hauser

Barn by Stefan Michalski

Monastery of S. Francisco by Nelson Mineiro

Untitled by Noushin

Downfall by Poul Noise

Urban Decay2 by Alecu Grigore

Bermuda Church by Patrick Latter

The Entrance Hall by fibreciment

A castle full of arches by StamatisGR

From The Bottom by JohnKyo

Abandoned stairway by Matthias Haker

Welcome by Yuki Balou

Watch out for vampires… by Matthias Haker

Lux Aeterna by gluteusmaximus

My Cleaner Front Room by Michael Baldwin

Abandoned Sleeper by fbuk

Gurney Corner by Michael Baldwin

Staircase by Yuki Balou

Destruction by Yuki Balou

Lonely Day by Yuki Balou

The Dark by Yuki Balou

Theatre by Yuki Balou

Gone by Yuki Balou

Going Down by Stefan Born

Fallen Beauty I by fibreciment

Stairway by Jakub Kubica

Moon by fibreciment

The Path II by fibreciment

Abandoned V by Jakub Kubica

Octopus by fibreciment

Contagious Ward II by fibreciment

Contagious Ward by fibreciment

Fallen Beauty III by fibreciment

GRDA_2 by fibreciment

LTRN_02 by fibreciment

LALM-13 by fibreciment

Textile-06 by fibreciment

AH-1 by fibreciment

Textile-05 by fibreciment

CHD1 by fibreciment

BS3 by fibreciment

BS12 by fibreciment

Urban Decay 12 by Alecu Grigore


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