Macro Photography – a Close-Up View at the Macrocosm

Close-up photos of tiny objects usually refer to macro photography. In order to succeed with macro photos one should equip his photo camera with a specifically designed macro lens, offering typical magnification ratio of 1:1. This ratio denotes that the object will appear on the photo sensor in the same size as it is in real. In order to receive even greater magnification, macro photographers may use extension tubes. Generally speaking, macro photography requires certain expertise and special equipment, but this type of photography art is extremely interesting, producing amazing detailed and sharp photos of small objects, that a human eye is simply unable to catch.

Flowers, plants, animals, snowflakes and, of course, multiple bugs and insects are favorite objects, often featured in macro photography. What an amazing world of unbelievable forms, shapes, textures and color combinations does macro photography reveal! We have gathered some really interesting and striking macro photos from around the web to illustrate our readers the capabilities of macro shooting. We bet that if you have never tried macro photo before you will definitely be in temptation to try it sometime after viewing this showcase of macro photography.

Ant by HildeG

Eye-catching by Jimmy Hoffman

Looking for a princess by Hilde van Hove

Breakfast by Agung Waskito

Sweet Sundew by Joni Niemelä

Summertime by Francesco Trapasso

Hornet action by Kristoffer Jonsson

//O\\ by Marta Grzesiak

Green harmony by Heidi Westum

Katydid by Jimmy Hoffman

Kiwi by Yasin Cobanoglu

Drops by Hilde van Hove

Bad hair day by Wim Meeus

Let it rain by Christophe Kiciak

O Dandelion.. by Boris Godfroid

Doudou by guifiti

Delicate flight by Antonio Diaz

Muscata by Mathieu Capdeville

Miner Bee by Boris Godfroid

…specious peace… by Ingo Dumreicher

Ooops!!! by El Filósofo

Fire eyed Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) by Tomas Rak

Macro Photo by Hubert Kosmowski

Drop a Fly by Raúl E.C. Zea

Formica rufa by Leon Baas

Mirroring by Cheron

Blind spot by Jimmy Hoffman

Mantid-larvas by Jimmy Hoffman

Anacridium aegyptium-larva by Jimmy Hoffman

Milkdisc by Th Block

Hornet by Mikesi

Opaslik sosnowiec by Marta Grzesiak

Damselfly by Jimmy Hoffman

Fly by Mikesi

Flower by Rosalinde Philippin-Lipscomb

Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Walking by Yoshiaki Oikawa

Macro WORLD 2 by Cathy Rojas

Flowers by FA Design

Flowers by FA Design

Flowers by FA Design

Macro by Alejandro Larramendi

Macro by Alejandro Larramendi

FROG´S PORTRAIT by lestath_x

Macro Photo by Marta Grzesiak

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly by Pedro Lastra

Red bug by Uros Kotnik

Green Anole #3 by Bill Mangold

Face to face by Jens Kling

Stages by Ovidiu Cristian Cojocarita

In time by Mal Smart

Pointed by Margaret Barry

Trailing Edge by Margaret Barry

Gather rain by Leif Westling

Macro Photo by Tomasz Zawadzki

In profile by Justin Hofman

Macro Photo by Tomasz Zawadzki

Cactus by Doris Doppler

Falling Lady by Brian MacGillivray

Portrait of an ant by Magnus Grimmer

Summer by Ursula I Abresch

Red Tailed Pennant by Pedro Lastra

Simply autumn by Martineb

Roller coasters by Claude Bour

Rip Saw by Brian MacGillivray

Portrait of a monster by Mads Fjeld

Really Lucky by Diane Varner

After the rain by Olivier Maurin

Beneath the Star by Andrew Williams

Ignition by Ketil Monsen


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