A Funny Glance at Famous Faces

Famous people have always been popular objects for being illustrated on friendly and harmless (though not always) caricatures. Basically, the term of caricature refers to a type of a portrait, where some specific physiognomic features of a particular real and often well-known person are exaggerated to a level, when such illustrations turn into funny and entertaining visual works. Most often, caricature is used for purely entertaining purpose; however, the use of caricature illustrations in political competitions is also not rare, where they often turn into a sharp and biting satire.

President Obama, tough Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, cute Tom Hanks and startling Quentin Tarantino – these people and many other celebrities are featured in the collection of professional caricature illustrations we have gathered around the web exclusively for cruziners. This is not only a showcase, demonstrating the modern state of caricature art – it is also a source of a good mood, healthy humor and, maybe, inspiration for creating your own caricatures.

Pele by Tiago Hoisel

Wolverine by Tiago Hoisel

Morgan Freeman by Tiago Hoisel

Sylvester Stallone by Tiago Hoisel

Bruce Willis by Tiago Hoisel

Barack Obama by Jason Seiler

Aretha Franklin by Jason Seiler

Kanye West by Jason Seiler

Quentin Tarantino by Jason Seiler

Phil Mickelson by Jason Seiler

T-pain by Jason Seiler

George Lucas by Jason Seiler

Jim Jones by Jason Seiler

Tom Hanks by Jason Seiler

White Stripes by Jason Seiler

Thom Yorke by Jason Seiler

Bruce Springsteen by Jason Seiler

Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush by Jason Seiler

Napoleon Dynamite by Jason Seiler

Tiger Woods by Jason Seiler

Clint Eastwood by Miguel Chajtur

Larry King by Miguel Chajtur

Kevin James by Manuel Grad

Monika Bellucci by Igor Stefanovic

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, F1 drivers by Nori Tominaga

Francesc Fabregas by Nori Tominaga

David Beckham by Nori Tominaga

Mick Jagger by Evan

Matt Dillon by Jojin Kang

Nicole Kidman by Jojin Kang

Lleyton Hewitt by Jojin Kang

Snoop Dogg by Bart Nibbering

Bruce Willis by Bart Patrick LaMontagne

Barrack Obama by Bart Patrick LaMontagne

Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford by Bart Patrick LaMontagne

Dr. House, Hugh Laurie by Nelson Santos

BB King by Vincent Altamore

Salma Hayek by Vincent Altamore

Quentin Tarantino by Vincent Altamore

Denzel Washington by Vincent Altamore

Johny Depp by Vincent Altamore

Samuel L. Jackson by Vincent Altamore

Snoop Dogg by Vincent Altamore

James Bond, Daniel Craig by Fabio Coelho

James Bond, Pierce Brosnan by Guillaume Vialaneix

Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford by Cris de Lara

Fernando Alonso by Carlos Carriles

Tom Hanks by Juan Martin

Bono Vox by Arturo Aguirre

Lionel Messi by Arturo Aguirre

Kaka by Danyael Lopes

Ice Cube by Thomas Tissot

Morgan Freeman by Jose Lazaro

Ben Kingsley by Jacques Defontaine

Will Smith by Gene Teh

The Black Eyed Peas by Jeff Miller

Mahatma Gandhi by Pasquale Giacobelli

Mike Tyson by Brian Silva

Lionel Messi by Nori Tominaga

Bill Murray by Diego Romo

Benicio del Toro, el Che by Diego Romo

Barrack Obama by Jonas Thornqvist

Clint Eastwood by Hasan Bajramovic

Vladimir Putin by Fred Bastide

Bjork by Amauri Ploteixa

The Pirate, Marco Pantani by Giovanni Squeglia

Thom Yorke by Andrew Hickinbottom


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