Best 3D Cartoon Characters

Andy Warhol – Renaissance Man of the 20th Century

The 3D technology or three-dimensional graphics has rushed into a modern visual art a few decades ago and has already evolved into a stand-alone industry, which sets new standards not only in engineering and computer modeling, but in entertainment as well. Cartoon production is one of the fields where 3D graphics is actively used these days. Thanks to this revolutionary technique, modern cartoons have become exceptionally realistic, sophisticated, and cute.

Cruzine magazine, being addicted to following all the progressive trends in modern graphic art, prepared this showcase for our readers to get familiar with the best examples of modern 3D cartoon characters. Here you will find human-like characters, animals, and some mysterious creatures, which are also common characters of cartoons produced today. By the way, it is interesting to note that cartoon production has evolved greatly for the last years and so did the characters. New 3D illustration technique has presented a set of powerful tools for creating modern-looking cartoon characters, which find their audience not only among children, but among adults as well.

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