Best Action Photography – Frozen Moments of Movement

One of the amazing and unique features of photography is its ability to express dynamics through statics. Indeed, a single professionally made photography can often recreate the atmosphere of action much better than a motion film, for example. Obviously it is because photography can illustrate the action by capturing its culmination point, which lasts only a fraction of a second and a human eye is unable to catch and recognize it in movement.

Action photography is a very interesting sphere of the photography art. Though it requires an exceptional level of photographer’s expertise and specialized technical resources, the results of action photography are real masterpieces – eye-catching, attractive and unexpected for viewers. There are many fans of action photography. Maybe, it is because action photo works as a time machine, allowing us to pause the time and enjoy all the tiniest details of the halted moment of action.

An “Englishwoman” in Paris by Anto XIII

A Leap Of Faith by Philip Sun

Skjomen by Mikko Laitinen

Climber by Micky Wiswedel

Shadow in action. by Jordi Gallego

Steer Wrestling by Philip Sun

Red on Green by David Orias

The Winner by Ahmed Hayman

The wind by steffi s5pro

Ghost Rider by Aleksander Smid

In to the wild by Alin Petrus

Boxing by Aitor Peña Inclan

Horse by sammy

Keep a tight ass by anto XIII

Kiteboarding by Sammy

Capoeira by Ferli

The blue Acrobats by Harry Roekens

Invincibility by Sergiu Sechel

Our Future Goal Keeper by Rizal Adi Dharma

On your marks… by Boti

Aero tango by Mikesi

Cow races by Z. Katili

Escape by Lovro

Hungry Seagull by Harry Roekens

Gob Stopper (Jawbreaker) by Bob Patefield

Separated by Eppo

Saudi by paulepeter

The jump by Christor Lukasiewicz

Action by MissDames

VANS exposure 3 by Tomislav Može

VANS exposure 8 by Tomislav Može

Heroes by Nick Rudnicki

Action Photos by Rhys Logan

KENDO by Aries Mulung

Parcour – To the Limit by Kolja Warnecke

Portfolio 1 by Fredrik Clement

Mellow Sessions by Matty Cockerell

Sport by Piotr Poreba

39: Imaginations by ilovestrawberries

Run by dustysunlight

Dance 1 by NAS16

Dance in the shutter XI by Mehmet Turgut

Dance in the shutter IX by Mehmet Turgut

Dance in the shutter V by Mehmet Turgut

Rain dance by Christine Day Lorico

Jump by jesper

Jump- by BlueFish24

Jump by Niels Epting

Traditional fight by Attila Lóránt

My first helicopter by asher-svi

JOYFUL by Ario Wibisono

Fishing by Risquillo

Life on the countryside by oochappan

Fishing Man by Fransis Caeve

Dancetopray2 by Roby Bon


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