Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography refers to a specific technique of taking photographs with the camera set for long exposure or slow shutter speed. Usually, a photographic film or an image sensor in a digital camera is exposed to light for only a fraction of a second. For example, in order to take a photo on a sunny day it is enough to choose the shutter speed of 1/100th of a second. However, taking photos with the slower shutter speed (e.g. from 1/8th of a second to 8 seconds or even to a couple of hours) can result in magnificent and eye-catching visual effects. For example, if a long exposure photograph is taken at night on a busy city avenue, the headlights of moving cars will appear on the photo as glowing lines of light.

In order to take a great shot with long exposure, photographers often choose sceneries, where some objects are stationary while others are moving. That is the key to creating unusual and magnificent visual effects on the long exposure photographs. For example, taking a long exposure photograph of a waterfall will result in a picture with sharp clear appearance of stones and other static objects while water will look like mist, fog or some other mysteriously looking substance. Night traffic, moving clouds, fireworks are another examples of popular objects for long exposure photography. Cruzine has made up a collection of interesting long exposure photographs here to illustrate our readers the capabilities of this specific photography technique. We hope you enjoy the unusual effects, featured on the works of masters of long exposure photography.

Nightscapes by Jakob Wagner

Paths – Long Exposed by Andreas Reinhold

Energy in motion by Lichtfaktor

Paris by Damien Vassart

Star Wars VS Star Trek by Lichtfaktor

Forest by Lichtfaktor

Contemplations by Maciej Leszczynski

Abstract by Lichtfaktor

Amsterdam by Jakob Wagner

Rush by Tomasz Kaluzny

Bretagne by Xavier Rey

Color by Maciej Leszczynski

Light Graffiti Compilation by Taylor Pemberton

Waterscapes by Damien Vassart

La Défense, Cité de Verre by Damien Vassart

Tempus Fugit XIV by Maurizio Polese

Green by Andy Mumford

Journey’s End by Lance Ramoth

Madrugada by Andy Mumford

Mind Drive by Alper Çukur

Long Exposure: Light 5 by Andrew Youll

Timeline by realsaw

Duel by Diana Cretu

Long Exposure by Gonzalo José

Lille Insolite – Concept Idea by Christophe Guébert

Ealaghol by Andy Mumford

Pacman II by rubberman542

Burj Khalifa in Dubai by Marcin Stawiarz

Good Night Shepherd by Cain Pascoe

Witches by Marcin Stawiarz

Unemployed by globalunion

Tahquamenon Falls by Originalbossman

Awaking Sunrise by Vladimir Konovalov

Pressure by Dariusz Klimczak

The eternity by Marcin Bera

London Old London by Marcin Stawiarz

The Splendor of Iraya by jaydigital

Radiating glow by Stuart Williams

Middleton by Alex Wise

Stone Coast by Maciej Leszczynski

Dancing with Fire by Eugene Hopkinson

Night Motion 1 by richardsim7

80 pt. II. by mzcrazyhunnii

Ribbon Play by Lorddarphyve

Point Lobos – Pinnacle Rock by Patrick Smith

With many rivers ahead by galifardeu

Long Exposure Light Art by Matt Mcdonald

A p o c a l i p s e by Philip Matthews

Confusion by Alan Smithers

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeel ! by Guillaume Vigoureux

last train by Lev Tsimring

Full Throttle !!!!! by FrankBa

Last passenger by Tim Corbeel

Isolation by Waleed Aljuraish

The Pyromancer by ciberknight

Through The Darkness by Mikko Lagerstedt

Rain with Love by Widjita Raya Muljadi

Encrypted Big Wheel ? by Thomas C.


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