Underwater Animals – Photographs that Amaze and Inspire

It is a surprising fact, but people say that we know about the Mars surface more than we know about the depths of the oceans on Planet Earth… Isn’t it astonishing and mysteriously interesting to know that today, when human race has already peeped into the microcosm of tiniest atoms and sent its spacecrafts to the far away planets in the space, the global ocean, located right here on Earth, still has many unexplored regions beneath its surface, where unbelievable creatures exist. This photo gallery of underwater animals opens a whole new world of underwater life and mystery. Cruzine magazine offers you to take this virtual tour and get familiar with some really interesting creatures, with which we share the Earth but do not share their unique living environment.

Underwater animals and the entire ocean represent a unique world with its specific forms, colors, shades, structures and behaviors. Maybe, it is this difference and uniqueness, which inspires photographers to take pictures of underwater life. Indeed, sometimes underwater world offers really incredible subjects for photography, which agitate imagination and remind us about the peerless creativity of the Nature and perfection of the world, we live in. Of course, taking underwater pictures requires specific technical resources and techniques to make high quality pictures of underwater animals. Besides, this specific field of photography art demands exceptional skills and expertise from a photographer himself, who should be expert not only in taking photographs, but in diving as well. So, below we have collected some prominent photographs of underwater animals just to give you a short glimpse to the life beneath the water surface, its variety, coloring, and extraordinary beauty.

Too Close by Oren Cohen

Sleeper by Shingo Uchiyama

Spaceship by Alexander Semenov

Lion’s Mane by Alexander Semenov

Start Up by Norbert Probst

Start Up by Fashteam

Surrounded by Norbert Probst

Travelers by Norbert Probst

Bend by Andrey Narchuk

Eyeliner by Norbert Probst

catch me if you can… by Akterf

Jelly Fish Extravaganza ! by Mohammad Alkhamis

Hello by Mikael Jigmo

Amphiprion ocellaris by Pedro GoniO

Aggressive by Akterf

Angry… by Akterf

Clownfish by Shahaira de Cuba

Flying by Mikael Jigmo

Whale Shark by Lars Grepstad

Hammerhead by Marcus Lim

Tentacles by Jesper Larsen

Sealion by Marcus Lim

Sting Rays by Ian Newman Goddard

Hello Mr.Fugu by Lothar Adamczyk

Smoke by Emilie Chen

Strange yellow fella by SenorMentira

Beluga Whale by Tony García

Star Fish by Brian & Celia Bussey

Octopus by CanisLoopus

Jacks by Stefan Beskow

On silent Wings by Norbert Probst

Sea jewels by Andrey Narchuk

The Great Barracuda by Shahaira de Cuba

Clown fish by Pedro GoniO

Living lava lamp by John Bleidorn

Flip of a Humpback Whale by Mikael Jigmo

Barbed Skate by Lars Grepstad

Paparazzi by Marcus Lim


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